Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Saturdays

So it's Saturday and I really don't have much planned. Our weekends are pack full with going to weddings, seeing our families and going out with friends. But this weekend we went out last night with our friends, were going to see our families on Sunday and we don't have any weddings to go to till October. I could get my car washed, clean the bathroom, or go grocery shopping. How fun. The only thing I know I can't do is go near the mall. I do not have any money to spend. Dang it. Maybe I'll go sit out at the pool again and try to get another tan/burn, hehe.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Snow White

I have come to the conclusion that I work way to often to be able to actually sit outside and get some sort of color to my skin. I don't have to be way tan, I just want to look a tad outdoorsy. So I actually found time to sit outside today by the pool! I even used tanning lotion. These were the effects of 1 hr in the sun reading Harry Potter. I'm no longer pale white! Now I'm white and red.

Preggo Friends!

I want to remember some of my friends who are pregnant right now! This is such a fun stage in life!

Jennifer is due October 1st It's a Boy!

Lee was due....yesterday! July 18th. It's a Boy! Baby Rhett has not show up yet as far as I know!

Suzanna is due around Thanksgiving! It's a boy! Hayden Westley.

Don't I have way gorgeous pregnant friends! Man, talk about cute. This is why I have my share of "baby fever" on occasion.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Friends are Family

We have a GREAT group of friends. Matt and I have so much fun with them. They are our family. Here is a picture of them at Ashley and Trey's wedding.

Under the Weather

So last Monday night I started to have a sore throat, today is Saturday.....I am still sick. I called in two days in a row which I have never done before. I can't remember the last time I was sick for this long. I just wanted to throw in that I sound like I have smoked for 50 yrs but I have some Mucinex that I am loving right now. Matt has been so wonderful. He has made so many late night runs to Walmart for more Robitussin, Klennex or 7-Up. Thank you so much babe. You have just shown me how selfless and sweet you are!