Monday, June 29, 2009

22 Weeks

Well lately I feel like I have grown a lot. In fact I feel that I look slightly bigger then some of my friends who are on the second baby. Not sure why that is. Matt and I went in for our 22 week appt last week. It was a sorta boring appointment with no sonogram but we did get to hear Addison's' strong and fast heartbeat which is always comforting. I asked Dr. Westerholm how my weight gain was coming and if I am on track. She tends to be very particular about weight gain during pregnancy. She said I've gained 13 lbs and since I'm over half way done and a "tall woman" she said I'm doing "perfect" (please use that term loosely). She said if I can keep a slow steady gain, 30 lbs would be right where I should be at 40 weeks. She said Addison is looking "beautiful" (she likes to use adjectives...) and is growing well. She measured my fundus which is measuring at exactly 22 weeks. We are so thankful as to how this pregnancy has gone so far. I hope labor is the same way....

I bought a little 8x8 pink polka dot baby album and am thinking about starting to create a keepsake album about Addison. The first page is going to be a picture of the pregnancy tests (all 3) that I took late that night in February when we realized we were expecting. I love to scrapbook and I think I should start it now while I have a lot of extra time. I know I'm dreaming when I say that I would like to do some scrap booking after she gets here while I'm on maternity leave. All, you mothers out there just busted out laughing I'm sure. Like I'll have time between the nursing, changing diapers and trying to sleep to do scrap booking....hahahaha.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Paxton Reese is here!

Some of our best friends just had their little girl last night! Here are some pictures. We were at the hospital with them for about 8 hrs!!!

2 Weeks Ago....

June 7th 4:00 pm (3cm)

June 8th-She's here!!!

We just know Paxton and Addison are going to be great friends!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm half way done!!!!

This pregnancy has gone by so fast! I can't believe we found out in January we were pregnant and now it's June already. We can't wait to start decorating Addisons' room!

As I type this Kama is in labor at Mansfield Methodist. Her water broke this morning and I am so excited to go up there and see her and wait for Paxton to get here. In this picture I was 17 weeks and Kama was 36 weeks!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Were having a girl!!! Addison Riley!!! Everything changes once you know what the gender is. It makes it so real. It's no longer this unknown thing growing inside you, its a real baby with a name. It's not "the baby" it's " Addison is kicking me!" I keep trying to figure out what she's gonna look like. Will she have dimples like her daddy?? ( I would LOVE that!!) Will she have snow white skin like me (please no) or year- around naturally tan skin like Matt? I am now officially excited about her getting here and wish October would come sooner.

We went and registered this weekend at Baby's R Us and Target. Neither of us found any bedding we really like so I have been looking on the internet for other options that are more classic and less "themed". Of course I find multiple nursery's that I love but for some reason I have expensive taste because they are all over $250.00! Take
a look at my favorites!

(All in pink and chocolate)