Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life in the OR

So today at work I amputated a leg. I was just standing there holding this leg while the doctor was sawing it off. As I was standing there I was thinking....this is gross...but pretty dang cool. It wasn't always like that though....

Quick story: My first semester of college I was watching TLC's Trauma in the ER in my dorm sitting area. Remember, I was 18, had just graduated and had not entered nursing school yet. They were showing footage of the trauma surgeon fixing a broken leg. It was really gross and I had to look away. Well, the next thing I knew I was laying flat on the couch with a ton of people around me asking me if I was ok. Ya, I fainted. I'm glad I was sitting down! From then on I told myself I could never work with broken legs or bones of any kind.

And I am....holding a leg while Dr D. cuts it off. Oh the irony.

Sometimes I forget how gross the stuff is that we see everyday. We have a bunch of new nurses coming in right out of school and a few of them were observing today. Two of them asked to sit down during the surgery. I said "Of course! Please sit down if you feel nauseous. I did the same thing! " Sometimes I forget this is pretty gross.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Matty

Have I mentioned yet how wonderful my husband is? Here we are making Taco's. I just got home from work and look kinda nappy. We are in such a great place right now as a couple. I hope we are always this easy going, fun and open with each other. (but not too open, none of this farting on each other or crap like that...)

I made him laugh.... I do this often just to see his gorgeous dimples. I 'm going to be very disappointed if our child does not have dimples.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cooking with Katie episode 1

Thank you for joining us for Cooking with Katie. Today we will be making Brown Sugar Wraps (patent pending). Watch and learn....

First, throw in a skillet a spoonful of butter and brown sugar.

Once melted together, put a tortilla on top of the mixture and turn around in the pan so it doesn't stick. Once one side is done flip the tortilla and brown the other side.

When both sides are browned place the HOT tortilla on a plate. Put a scoop or two of ice cream (I use frozen yogurt cause I'm a major health nut.... ;) in the middle of the tortilla and top with whatever fruit or sauce you want. (I was out of chocolate)

Roll the tortilla up and cut in half. Garnish with cinnamon sugar and a strawberry.

All done! Here I am with the finish product. I'm wearing no make-up and I'm in my pj's but hey the food tasted wonderful!


Tune in next time for episode II of Cooking with Katie.

addendum: (this post is the result of major boredom and a long day of watching mostly cooking shows. My husband has always thought I was a nerd, but now I've gone too far. So he says)

Food Network

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and I am watching Giada's Weekend Getaway on the food network. I didn't grow up with cable TV and since I've gotten married it's been so cool to see all the things on TV! It's amazing people get paid to travel across the country and taste great food. How can Giada be so thin and have a job like that. I have found, now that I'm done with school and have time, I really like to cook! I like to make food look pretty and to entertain. (I am so a young Martha Stewart...minus the fraud thing) I already warned matt that once we move into a house we will be having dinner parties a couple times a year. Matt just rolled his eyes and laughed. Men.... I went by Hobby Lobby and found out they have a cake decorating class starting soon! It only costs $12.50 for 3 weeks. I would love to learn how to decorate cakes. I'm not a big fan of eating a lot of cake but decorating it...way cool.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Out with the Old and on with the New

So I think everyone knows the story of us having to move apartments due to theft of Matt's truck twice in a row. Well, it has turned out the be a huge blessing. I can't believe God knows about everything that goes on in our lives before us! He knew we didn't like being so far away from our friends and family. He knew we would eventually move a lot closer to everyone and a lot closer to every restaurant and shopping center we could ever want to go to ! That's cool to know God always turns bad things that happen to us into blessings in disguise.

I think I have finally started to feel at home in our new apartment. We have been here 2 1/2 weeks or so. I do miss our other apartment (especially the spacious kitchen) mostly because it was our very first home as a married couple. I still remember coming home from our honeymoon! We couldn't believe we had our very own place to live....together! We were so tired but we had a entire room FULL of gifts we couldn't wait to open! So we stayed up till 2am opening gifts. We have a ton of great memories in the apartment and it makes me sad to leave it just for that reason.

Pics from our 1st Apartment:

Move-in Day! A week before the wedding (January 2nd 2006). Notice that picture 0n the wall? As the guys are moving in, I start decorating.

The day after we got back from our honeymoon!

Just to let you know...our bedspread from Target turns everything it touches red! Especially white sheets! Found that out the hard way, now we have pink sheets! Bummer!

This was the first placement of the couch. I moved it quite often.

We are right above the garage.

Moving day.... (sad but exciting)

New Apartment Pics:

Although this apartment may look a little smaller it's actually bigger (an extra bedroom) then our other one. I think having lower ceilings makes it feels smaller.

These flowers are the colors I love! They are sorta my color scheme for my Apt/future home.

We now have a second room so we made it into a study! This is my desk.

And this is Matts Desk:

This is our "catch all" room at the moment. We actually have a dining room now but no dining table and chairs to put in it. That's our next purchase. We put the bookshelf there along with a table we barrowed from my mom.

I think it's kinda weird that I have a pic of myself hanging on my wall but Matt wanted it up.

This is a picture of our BLANK wedding matte that I purchased to have everyone sign at the wedding. Too bad it got left in my closet on the day of the what am I supposed to do with it? It's pretty so I hung it. Oh well.

Our very first big purchase as a married couple. A washer and dryer!

This is a view into our tiny kitchen from the front door. The kitchen is my most difficult room to deal with. It is so small with hardly any counter space. The color of the cabinets is killing me. I just want to go buy some paint and paint them! This just allows me to really appreciate our first home. It's gonna have a HUGE kitchen with plenty of space.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wedding Memories

I was looking back through some of our wedding video that Ashley took of us and I miss my wedding day so much! Everyone looked so great and all the people I love were with me . It's a shame that big of a celebration will only happen once in my life. I know in about 60 yrs I won't really remember what my wedding day was like. But...that's ok because you can tell in our pictures and video what an amazing time we had that day.

New Blog Thingy

Ok so I already have a facebook account and a myspace account but I wanted a fun page to post news about Matt and I! Whenever something way cool happens in our life I will make sure and post it on here. Or, since we don't really do very many WAY cool things, I guess I'll just post on here when I feel like it! I love to take pictures of every little thing. I always have a camera with me no matter where we are. I know in 50 yrs I will not regret it. I am actually working on a scrapbook right now to try and configure all my pictures.