Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Vacation-Montana

Well, I just got back from a 6 day family reunion/vacation. I had a good time but I hate going out of town without my husband. He had to stay and get his flying hours in. I took about 400 pictures...I know I know. Insane. I will post a few on here to show you what all we did!!

In the terminal on the way to the plane!!!

A picture I took out the window somewhere between Dallas and Billings, Montana. Beautiful! I can't believe Matt gets to see this view every day!!!

We just stepped off the plane and I was COLD in Montana! 58 degrees F!

This was the cute farm house we stayed in! It was in the middle of nowhere.

A few of my Young Life girls told me about this new romance/thriller book that just came out. I thought, ok, I guess I give it a try. OMG!!! This is such an amazing book. I really was skeptical when I heard it was about a vampire and a human falling in love. I'm not really into vampires....but the story line is awesome! The book has the same amount of romance as it does freaky/send-a-shiver-down-your-spine scary parts!! Its great! I totally recommend reading it!
I couldn't put it down. I finised it in 3 days and was crushed when I realized I didn't have the sequal to start immediatly after I was finished with the first!! I bought the second at the airport on the way home!! I couldn't wait!!

Mom and I next to the bonfire!

Me in the boat that we rented. We had gorgeous scenery all around us!

My parents in the boat. I was cold outside!

We got to Kayak!

Family Picture minus my brother who is a Jr. at RICE.

Isn't the sky pretty! I took some fun pictures while they jumped bails of hay!