Monday, March 23, 2009

Turning 26/BIg Appointment

Well, I turned 26 this weekend. There has been so much going on lately that I almost forgot about my birthday. House stuff, baby stuff... I went out to eat like 3 or 4 times over the weekend with different family and friends. It was so fun. I find myself now saying that I can eat whatever I want because of the baby and so far I have only gained 3 lbs since I got pregnant. I don't know how cause I have been eating really bad and hardly cooking at all. When I eat I usually can't fit as much in at a time so I end up finishing the rest later. I guess thats good, eating more often and not as much at one time.

Today we had our 8 week sonogram. Matt and I were both so nervous all day at work. We couldn't concentrate at all. We got there and they took us right back for the sono. The minute I saw the little flutter of the heartbeat I breathed a sigh of relief. Then she turned it on audio so I could hear it and it was beating so fast! Just what I wanted to hear!!!!! Yea! 174 bpm! Perfect! She said the baby was looking great. We are so thankful!!! On April 17th I go in for my 12 week check-up which is the big one!!!  Four more weeks and I'm out of the woods! Yea!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, we found a house and put down an offer and then they countered and now we are countering back!! Either way I think we will get this one! It is the cutest little house with great personality and a nursery already beautifully painted for a boy. I didn't care before but now I hope that I have a boy just so that I can leave the paint..hehe. The house itself is red brick which I love and the kitchen opens up into the living which was the big seller for me. The big selling point for Matt was the huge backyard, perfect for Maverick to run and play and great for cookouts. I will post all the pictures that has up and hopefully I can take a picture of the nursery sometime and post it too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 Month Update

 Pregnancy Ticker

Yesterday I got up and pee'd 3 times during the night. I was not fun. Even though I don't have a big belly yet, I just can't seem to get comfortable anymore while I sleep. Lately I've been getting grossed out by random foods. Like last night I made this beautiful bacon/spinach quiche and we had it for dinner. Matt loved it and had two pieces. Today at work when I went to have lunch, I was getting ready to chow down on the quiche when I suddenly couldn't the smell of the bacon and wanted to puke. So I quickly closed the lid and went down to the hospital cafeteria and got myself a meatball sub and a root beer (the only beverage that doesn't have caffeine that I like). It was wonderfully delicious! Now I have this whole dish of quiche at home the Matt will have to eat by himself.

We are going to look at more houses on Friday. I hope we can find one we like that is in our price range. There is one I really like in Mansfield; here are the sellers pictures of the house...

Large Living Room

Kitchen that opens to the living with high ceilings and wood floors! Love it. Did I mention it's 4 bedrooms??

I broke down and bought a belly-band today. I can't button up my jeans anymore and so I've been trying to walk around with them totally unbuttoned and unzipped all the way. That doesn't work cause they start falling down and then people are always telling you that your fly is open and I'm like "I know! I did it on purpose." It feels so much better to have the band on. Besides, I don't want to squish the little person that's living in there. hehehe. I feel like I shouldn't have a bump yet but I can't help it! It feels like I just ate a whole pizza all by myself, all the time. I can't suck it in anymore and thats how I know its not me getting fatter....its not the baby's my uterus (thats the size of a grapefruit now...) pushing all my intestinse upwards.

One more thing...Twilight comes out on DVD this Friday night at midnight! WooHoo! I'm so excited! There are a ton of deleted scenes and extra behind the scenes footages that I really want to see!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

7 weeks

Well, now our baby is the size of a raspberry. BUT don't let that fool you. My uterus is the size of a grapefruit and I am definately bloated because of it. I found some super comfy black stretchy maternity pants at Target that I want. The don't look maternity so I might get them.

Also, we put an offer on a house that we found in Mansfield. Its too big for us now but it was such a good deal we know we will grown into it. It's 3 bedroom, 3 bath with a large playroom upstairs that could also double for another large bedroom. I really like it but if God chooses not to allow our offer to be accepted its no big deal. If God doesn't want us to have it then I don't want it.

I am still having morning sickness but a lot of people have given me ideas on how to decrease it so I'm trying those.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Half-way done with the 1st Trimester

Sorry it's taken me so long to update yall. Right when I hit 6 weeks the morning sickness began and Ive been in bed all weekend hating life. I haven't thrown up yet but to be at work with all the smells that hospitals bring is not fun.

The ultrasound on Thursday went both good and bad. Dr Westerholm determinded I was exactly 6 weeks and 1 day which changes my due date to October 28th. That means we did get pregnant on Matts birthday, Jan 24th.! hahah! (happy birthday babe!). Let me give yall a quick fetal anatomy lesson. In the 5 week the babies heart starts to form and beat. It is almost unheard of to be able to actually see the heartbeat so soon but we saw and heard it immediantly without any problem! She said it really depends on the size of the patient and the position of the baby and where it is in the uterus and everything worked in my favor!

There was one thing that concerned her though, the babies heart beat was 98 and she wanted it to be a lot in the 120's. She said it did concern her a little but that since we were doing such an early ultrasound, the heart rate will probably even out when the heart forms completely and is stronger which is at 8 weeks. I was thinking that the heart JUST formed and we need to give it another week or two before we get concerned but she seemed slightly worred about it which made me burst into tears, of course, all those hormones. She wanted me to come back in at 8 weeks for another ultrasound to make sure the heart rate was at a safe rate.

So your prayers for the babies heart beat would be great! I go back in March 25th.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello 1st Trimester

No, its not April Fools...I'm really pregnant. Crazy I know. Its funny to me how many times over the 3 years we've been married that Matt and I have joked about having a baby and how freaked out we would be if that ever happened... and THEN IT HAPPENS and we're totally joyful and calm from the moment we set our eyes on two pink lines! God is so good. We just stood there shocked and then a little smile crept up on Matts face and he said "MY BOYS CAN SWIM, WOOHOO!". I think I was born to be a mom but I always thought we'd go through the "trying" process first.

This is how it all went down....
Last Friday at about 1am I get up out of bed unable to sleep and Matt says, " Im not going to be able to sleep tonight until you take that test..." Well, I wasn't able to sleep either so we got up and flipped on all the lights and turned on the TV (Maverick was wondering what the heck was going !). I went in the bathroom, read the entire paragraph on "how to pee on this stick" and then took a deep breath and did it precisly as the instructions said. Well, the test instructions said to wait for 3 min. and then look at the result. Well, the second I was done peeing on it I could see two lines coming up. I thought to myself, wow that was a lot faster then they said it would take...maybe somethings wrong with this stick. I went out into the living room. Matt asked how long we needed to wait and I said "well, we could wait 3 min or I could just tell you now it already says I'm pregnant". He kinda just looked at me and then we both looked at the test, it now being 3 min, and sure enough BOTH lines were bright pink. I retook two more tests just to make sure and both of the did the same thing.....we both just gave a random little laugh and looked at each other and smiled. I think I said " Hmmm, this could be interesting".

Luckly I work at a hospital because the second I got to work on Friday morning I called my OBGYNs office (thats located at my hospital!) and asked if I could get a bHCG drawn real quick to check if I'm pregnant. Surprisingly they said sure and let me come right in, get my blood drawn and then leave. I waited about 45 min and then looked myself up on the hospital computer system and sure enough it read....

Patient- Katie Muguerza
Pregnancy Test- POSITIVE
beta HCG Level- 3,418

Now, a normal newly pregnant woman bHCG (pregnancy hormone) level is anywhere from 50-500 at around 3-4 weeks along ( stats are from my "What to expect..." book) . Mine was 3,418!!!!! What the heck! How could I have not noticed that I was pregnant for so long! Well, Im assuming I'm around 1 month and 1 day pregnant but because we wern't trying so I didn't really record my periods. I have my first appointment tomorrow at 9 am and will let yall know what due date we come up with!!

PS- I know no one likes to talk about the dreaded "M" word but it is so prevalent now days and I need to be realistic. Since no one has anyone control on the situation but God, when you think of me could you just shoot up a little prayer for our little one!! Thanks!

*We told our parents on Friday night by giving them a little baby sock and by Saturday night we had this.... I have to say I've never seen grown adults scream so much.... :)