Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's time...

Well, tomorrow is the big day. At 6 am we will be checking into L&D to be induced. I was 3 cm and 100% effaced on Monday. I predict I will be 4 cm along since my body has been doing things all week that tell me I have dilated some more. My doctor can't believe I have made so much progress without my water breaking and without contractions that have gotten any stronger or closer together. I am so uncomfortable! I can't remember what it was like to NOT be pregnant.

Today has been bittersweet. It's the last day we have together just us. It makes me want to burst into tears (part of that is all the hormones hehe). Matt and I have been "Matt and Katie" for such a long time...( tomorrow is our 10 year dating anniversary) it's weird to add someone else to the mix. It's the end of an era for Matt and I but the beginning of something even more special...we will now be a real family. We have always wanted children and now that it's starring us in the's kinda scary and exciting and strange and wonderful at the same time. Thank you Lord for this blessing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Counting down the Days

Well, it's Wednesday the 21st and I'm one week from my due date! As of Monday I was 3cm dilated and 100% effaced. My doc can't believe the progress I am making! I am having some contractions but nothing to get excited about quite yet.

The nursery is done, we've gone grocery shopping and the car seat is in the car!!! I'm done with work until January and am so glad for that. I needed a break from that kind of work; I know it won't be a "vacation" per say but to me, being at home with my baby is a nice change.

Monday, October 12, 2009

37 Weeks and 5 Days

Dr. Westerholm had such great things to tell me today! She said Addison looks perfect and weighs about 7 lbs 2 oz right now. She said she is guessing she will weigh around 8 lb around the time she is born if she is born closer to my actual due date. I weighed 7 lbs 10 oz so we might be around the same weight!!

She also told me that I'm already dilated 1-2 cm and almost completely effacted!! (75%). Addison's head is at a -2 station which is why I have really been able to feel her so low in my pelvis and on my bladder!!! I am so ready and excited! She said my water could break anytime and that I am farther along then some people who are having contractions and at their due date! Crazy!

FYI: Station = how far the head has descended into the pelvis
Effacement= how thin the cervix is getting (0% to 100%)
Dilation 1-10 cm

-2 (this is me right now!)
0 (engagement)
+4 (head is crowning)

I am so glad everything looks normal and that hopefully her birthday is just around the corner! NEXT week is my LAST week of work and I am soooo glad for that. I am going to try and keep walking around and stay active so I dilate some more. My next appt is on Monday! Can't wait! Thank you Lord for a healthy pregnancy and a cute baby (as far as I know from the 3D Ultrasound,,,hehe)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 and a half more weeks

We just got back from our 8 hour "Lamaze" Class. I was sorta hoping it was more of a general "birthing" class but instead it was more of them teaching us how to get through labor using breathing exercises and different positioning techniques. Ya right. Nothing can take the place of the blessed epidural!!!!!! I want to remember the birth of my first child has as a positive experience and not one of yelling profanities at my husband. I figured since I don't live in the dark ages and I actually have a choice in the matter, why not?

I looked up the main signs of labor on the intranet so I can check them off as they happen. Sorry if this is TMI for some of you. I don't know any men who read my blog so I don't feel as bad for posting details.

1. Nesting Instinct.... Check!

2. Braxton Hicks Contractions....Check!

3. Dropping/Lightening....Check!

4. Changes in Cervix....Maybe, we find out on Monday

5. Increased vaginal Discharge/loosing mucus plug.....Check! (as of 9/5)

6. Rupture of Membranes.....Nope

7. Labor Contractions....Nope

This Monday is a very important drs appt for us. We get to see Addy on ultrasound for the last time to see what her position is and what they think her weight is. They will check me for dilatation for the first time as well. I am excited to hear what all progress I've made (if any).

At about 35 weeks everyone asked me if I was ready. I was nervous and felt unprepared. I didn't feel ready at all. But now, the nursery is done, I've had all my showers and have been to my birthing class (not that i learned anything amazing). So.... I feel a lot more ready now that I'm almost 38 weeks. Weird how much a few extra weeks/days can make a difference in your attitude.

I'll keep you all updated!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

37 Weeks

I am so proud of myself!!! My nails are finally growing out at the END of my pregnancy. I love the way it feels to have nice nails that are not fake! They are super hard now and not paper thin like they were before I was pregnant. WooHoo!

I keep feeling little extremities poking out and think it's maybe a fist or a foot.

I have been thinking lately about what she's gonna look like. I really want her to have dimples but thats not a trait that is passed down. We will see! I can't wait!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept 28

So today is exactly 1 month till she is SUPPOSED to make her arrival. I wouldn't mind if she felt like appearing a week early though. In one week (37 weeks) I have a very important doctors appt. During that time is my last ultrasound before she gets here. The U/S will tell a lot about her weight, position and how my placenta and fluid level is doing. I can't wait!!! We will know a lot about when she will get here after that appt. Today I stayed home from work. I hate doing that but it's the first time I've called in this entire pregnancy. Im not sleeping very well now and my lower back has been hurting along with some cramping in my abdomen that I can only assume is Braxton Hicks. It's hard to do surgery with all that going on so I decided to take a day off and rest. If I had a desk job it would probably be easier to get away with it at work but since I'm on my feet running around and constantly busy this was a better idea. Matt made me an awesome breakfast and has put together the stroller and pack n play that we got at our shower yesterday. Its weird to see them in our house. The only sign around the house of a baby coming is in the nursery and we usually have to keep the door shut cause the dogs love to play with her toys. But now, we have baby stuff out in the living room and all over! It's weird. Its just now starting to feel real.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flipping and Sorts

Addison flipped!! She is no longer breech! I have no idea when. She has been moving a lot lately so I guessed she just slowly wiggled her way upside down! My ultrasound friend at work took an ultrasound before I went to my appt today. I expected to see Addison's head under my ribs like it was last week but nope!!! To my surprise (and to the surprise of the ultrasound tech) she did a complete 180!!! Thank you Lord!

I bought some special detergent to wash Addison's new clothes in called Dreft. I'm glad some friends told me I needed to wash her clothes in special detergent because I had already washed everything in my usual Tide. The things you learn!!! Too bad we don't have anywhere to put the clean clothes! We still need a dresser and a crib, basically all our furniture. Also, we need a stroller and car seat. Basically the most important things to have when you have a baby haha. We have a ton of clothes and bath stuff though. Enough baby shampoo to last an entire year! I am so thankful for all the stuff we have gotten so far and how generous friends and family have been! Whatever we don't get at the shower we will buy ourselves and I will be so glad to finally have our nursery done!!! We are cutting it kind of close since I'll be considered "ok for take-off" the week after next at 37 weeks.

Matt and I have been trying out a new church lately. I have been going to the same church for 23 years so it seems really weird to be going to a different church for about a month now. We just tried out our first small group bible study with a few other couples this week from the new church. It was fun. The people are more our age and are in more of our same stage of life as Matt and I. Most of our friends at my old church were friends of my parents whom I've grown up with (in their 40 and 50's). It's nice to hang out with people at church that are your age and are just starting to grow their family. I think fellowship with people your age is very important. I know my parents miss seeing me every Sunday but they understand which is great.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breech at 35 weeks

At my 31 week appointment Dr Westerholm did an U/S and found the Addison was in the breech position. She said it was no big deal cause they usually turn on their own and right now, have enough room to do it at such an early stage in the third trimester. Well, now I'm 35 weeks and Addison is still breech. I can feel her head above my belly button but I also have a ultrasound friend at work who offered to look for me one day when we didn't have anything to do. Sure enough, Addy's head was high in my abdomen. So, my next appt is this Thursday and I obviously have a lot of questions for them about what will go on in the next could weeks.

Some people say "some babies flip at the last minute". Others say "it's unlikely she will flip cause she gains weight on a daily basis and she has less and less room to move around". So which is it people????? In two weeks we have our big 4D Ultrasound where they will guess on exactly how much she weighs and see her position. That will determine a lot concerning when she might come and when Dr. Westerholm might want actually schedule a c-section for safety reasons. I will let yall know!

Either way I just want Addy to get here safely. I'm not petrified of a c-section like some people are. There are pros and cons to both vaginal delivery's and c-sections.

Keep us in your prayers!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is our bedding for Addy's nursery!!! I love it! It's sophisticated and cute and not too busy.

These are some way cute baby beanie's that I would love to buy for Addison's first pictures!

Matt and I really like this vinyl lettering that goes on the wall. You can get them personalized with you babies name. I would love to do this in Addison's nursery.

Work friends!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Unexpected Events

Well, this pregnancy had been pretty uneventful so far, until Thursday came around! Here's the story:

I woke up at around 5am as usual, ate a small breakfast and had some juice and left for work at about 5:30.

Lately things have been pretty crazy at work. So many nurses have left in the past 5 months but none of them have been replaced so the staff that is left is doing double the work. We have all gotten pretty used to not getting our allotted 15 min break in the mornings and have even been known to not get our legally required 30 min lunch till 1 am. Now, if you do the math, thats a long time between eating when you get up in the morning and having lunch around noon (7 hrs to be exact). For a non-pregnant person, its tough but you get through it, for a pregnant person it's not as easy to "get though" and not healthy for the baby. Thats what happened to me.

So I get to work and start getting ready for another busy day in the OR. I have back to back cases all day and of course not enough people to help a 31 week pregnant woman do things like move heavy equipment, move heavy patients, and run around the OR getting things for 3 different surgeons who are all demanding things at the same time. Im in the middle of this big liver resection and I start feeling kind of dizzy. I sit down for a minute until they start asking for things again and I have to get up and get it for them. I can feel my heart rate is probably high cause my pulse is bounding out of my neck. This has happened before but I have always just sat down and it has gone away. I've never checked to see what my pulse actually was. I wasn't able to sit down and let it pass this time. Actually it got worse, so I decided to just run next door to an empty OR suite and take my blood pressure and throw a probe on my finger to see what my oxygen saturation/pulse was.

These were my vitals at 11:00am:
BP - 150/95
P - 200 bpm
O2 - 89%
Heart Rhythm - SVT or Superventricular Tachycardia

I had no idea my pulse was so high. I knew then that I couldn't keep going with vitals like that so I walked up to the front desk where the charge nurse was. There happened to be an anesthesiologist friend of my up there too. I told them I didn't feel good and showed them my vitals. They freaked out!!! They grabbed a stretcher and put me on it and wheeled me to the recovery room next door. They hooked me up to monitors and started an IV. They called Labor and Delivery to tell them what was going on and that they would be bringing over an employee who was 31 weeks and had passed out. (I never actually passed out but I would have shortly if they had not found a stretcher) The anesthesiologist told me he called a cardiologist over to come see me right away. I kept trying to turn my head and look at the monitor. I wanted to know if my vitals were any better yet. My pulse had decreased to about 150 so that was good. The labor and delivery nurses came over to get me and take me so they could hook up a fetal monitor. Just about that time the Director of Surgery (the woman who hired me, my "bigtime" boss) came over and asked me what had happened. I told her I almost passed out because I had not been given a break for 5-6 hours to eat or drink anything. This was sorta humorous to me that she would ask me this because she's the one that determines how many staff we hire and how many surgeries we do in a day. (too little staff and too many surgeries!!!) and she's the one that determines if we get breaks or not! Im really glad she was able to see the consequences of her staff not getting breaks because she is usually in her office and doesn't see what we deal with a lot. The cardiologist was also there at this time and said that dehydration and malnutrition in pregnancy can cause abnormal heart rhythms and that staff (especially pregnant staff) should be given adequate breaks every few hours. He also showed her my EKG that they had taken and said " This EKG is not normal, I didn't expect to see this. It's not dangerous now that her pulse has decreased, but its not normal either". He ordered another one to be taken after my heart rate came down to normal. He called it a Accelerated Junctional Rhythm. My heart rate at this time was about 110. Much better.

Well, by that time Lacie, my roommate from college who I work with, had called Matt at home to tell him what had been going on. Of course he jumped in the car and drove straight to my work. When he got there he was so freaked out! He said he drove 90 mph and even parked in the physician parking lot!!! LOL! I told him my heart rate was now down to 110 and that I was feeling a lot better. They had taken me to Labor and Delivery and hooked me up to a fetal monitor. We were able to hear Addison's every move and see her heart rate which was so comforting!!! I kept wondering why they wouldn't let me eat anything but ice chips so I asked my nurse and she said "just incase we have to do an emergency c-section. " Holy Cow!!!!!! That kinda scared me but I was stable enough by then and Addison was doing fine, that would have to be a last resort kind of thing.

I had an echo and another EKG over in Labor and Delivery and both showed up as normal so at 6 pm they finally discharged me. I had not eaten in over 12 hours! Poor Addison! On the way home Matt and I stopped and got a burger, chocolate shake and french fries!! Soooo good! I felt a ton better but was tired and went to sleep right when I got home.

I didn't go to work today of course. I went right in first thing this morning to see my OB doc who had gotten many calls about me the day before while all of this was going on. She told me that with pregnancy the body is put under a lot of stress with all the extra blood volume the heart especially can go into abnormal rhythms if we don't get adequate breaks. She said nurses are some of her worst patients when it comes to taking care of themselves because they are always so short staffed and they give to everyone else and not to themselves. She wasn't too please with me but she knew that I didn't really have a lot of control over the issue. It's not like this happens when I'm at home. She said she would write a note saying that I require a break every 2 hours and that I cannot be involved in long cases where I cannot leave the room. She did an ultrasound to make sure Addison was ok and then told me to take it easy over the weekend. I have another appt in two weeks and I'll give her an update on how everything goes this next week.

Over all the cardiac arrhythmia was induced by dehydration so I don't think I have any underlining heart problem which is very good!!! Addison seems to be ok and so am I. I am more aware of my limit and what I can handle now so thats good. Hopefully work will be more understanding too. I think I kinda scared them which hopefully will start a chain of events that gets everyone a break now. We shall see. Matt has been so wonderful and caring. I am so thankful for him.

PS- On a lighter note... Addison weighs 3 lbs 8 oz as of this week!!! Yea!!! She's getting so big!!! I can't believe I only have 8 weeks to go!!! Hurry Hurry!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

22 Weeks

Well lately I feel like I have grown a lot. In fact I feel that I look slightly bigger then some of my friends who are on the second baby. Not sure why that is. Matt and I went in for our 22 week appt last week. It was a sorta boring appointment with no sonogram but we did get to hear Addison's' strong and fast heartbeat which is always comforting. I asked Dr. Westerholm how my weight gain was coming and if I am on track. She tends to be very particular about weight gain during pregnancy. She said I've gained 13 lbs and since I'm over half way done and a "tall woman" she said I'm doing "perfect" (please use that term loosely). She said if I can keep a slow steady gain, 30 lbs would be right where I should be at 40 weeks. She said Addison is looking "beautiful" (she likes to use adjectives...) and is growing well. She measured my fundus which is measuring at exactly 22 weeks. We are so thankful as to how this pregnancy has gone so far. I hope labor is the same way....

I bought a little 8x8 pink polka dot baby album and am thinking about starting to create a keepsake album about Addison. The first page is going to be a picture of the pregnancy tests (all 3) that I took late that night in February when we realized we were expecting. I love to scrapbook and I think I should start it now while I have a lot of extra time. I know I'm dreaming when I say that I would like to do some scrap booking after she gets here while I'm on maternity leave. All, you mothers out there just busted out laughing I'm sure. Like I'll have time between the nursing, changing diapers and trying to sleep to do scrap booking....hahahaha.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Paxton Reese is here!

Some of our best friends just had their little girl last night! Here are some pictures. We were at the hospital with them for about 8 hrs!!!

2 Weeks Ago....

June 7th 4:00 pm (3cm)

June 8th-She's here!!!

We just know Paxton and Addison are going to be great friends!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm half way done!!!!

This pregnancy has gone by so fast! I can't believe we found out in January we were pregnant and now it's June already. We can't wait to start decorating Addisons' room!

As I type this Kama is in labor at Mansfield Methodist. Her water broke this morning and I am so excited to go up there and see her and wait for Paxton to get here. In this picture I was 17 weeks and Kama was 36 weeks!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Were having a girl!!! Addison Riley!!! Everything changes once you know what the gender is. It makes it so real. It's no longer this unknown thing growing inside you, its a real baby with a name. It's not "the baby" it's " Addison is kicking me!" I keep trying to figure out what she's gonna look like. Will she have dimples like her daddy?? ( I would LOVE that!!) Will she have snow white skin like me (please no) or year- around naturally tan skin like Matt? I am now officially excited about her getting here and wish October would come sooner.

We went and registered this weekend at Baby's R Us and Target. Neither of us found any bedding we really like so I have been looking on the internet for other options that are more classic and less "themed". Of course I find multiple nursery's that I love but for some reason I have expensive taste because they are all over $250.00! Take
a look at my favorites!

(All in pink and chocolate)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Belly Update

I'm just about 18 weeks. We find out on Friday what the sex is. We are sooooo excited and can't wait to name the baby and register!! I am convinced it's a boy...for some reason. Kama is due the 2nd week in June so she's about 37 weeks here. We have the same doctor so we see each other at appointments. So much fun!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Super Saturday

Well, today is the first Saturday in a long time that I have been able to sleep in till 11:00!! It was great! I took a belly pic right when I got up. Don't you think it's weird that my belly looks a lot smaller then a few days before?? (see previous post). I heard your belly can do that throughout the pregnancy for a different reasons.

Tonight Matt and I will get to hang out together in our home without anyone else for the first time! It is going to be so nice. Our schedules are so busy and we have opposite work schedules half of the week so either he is here and I'm at work or Im here without him or we are both gone doing something together. I can't wait to sit and enjoy our home together!!!

So I just found out there is a Twilight Convention here in Dallas this summer!

Welcome to TwiCon 2009’s official website! We are thrilled to announce that on July 30-August 2, 2009 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel we will host the largest conference in the United States inspired by Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight saga.

TOO BAD IT'S $225 to attend!!!! Forget that!

I have to say I take credit for about 6 co-workers who are now major Twilight fans at my work. They didn't even know what it was and I got them hooked!!!!! One of them even hates to read and she is now on the 4th book and will probably be done with the book by Monday. You're Welcome Stephanie Meyer!!!

Mav is having a great time in the back yard. He is already starting to make friends with the dogs on all three sides of our yard. I even caught him digging under to fence so he could become "better friends" with the dog next door. I quickly put a stop that that with some bricks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well Hello Strangers!!!

So this is me at about 4 months (15.5 weeks).

We are all moved in and are loving our home!!! Maverick is loving it too! The yard and garage are great!!!



I have a new favorite Photographer !!! Check out this awesome web site just for new babies/families!!

She comes to the hospital when you are in labor and takes sentimental pictures of all the family waiting and the first moments you have with your baby before all the family come in and after the family come in. The pics are so sweet and unforgettable! Check her out!!

The second trimester is better then the first, mostly because I am starting to actually feel pregnant and not just fat. I just went and spent a lot of money at motherhood maternity because none of my clothes would fit anymore. It's weird to have a full closet of clothes you can't wear...and very depressing too.

Lately I've been thinking about what our baby is going to look like. I have no idea who he/she is going to favor more. I can't wait for 3 more weeks till we get to find out if it's a he or a she! We have definite names for both. I can't wait to share them with everyone!! Some people have told me to wait and not find out what the sex is but I don't really want to wait. I want to plan and decorate and I DON"T like the colors yellow and green which is what I would be getting if I go "unisex" for all my shower clothes and bedding... There is no way we are waiting....I love surprises but I figured we've been surprised enough lately I would like to plan our first child as much as possible.

We have been really praying about what to do as far as childcare when the baby comes. I am planning on taking off all of November and December but going back to work in January. Of course I would love to work only one or two days a week and be at home with the baby the rest but that's just not feasible right now in our lives. So if you know anyone who keeps kids out of their home or anyone who wants to watch a newborn full time (8am-4pm) let me know!! I am anti-daycare and would really like my baby to grow up being taught by a christian woman/mom who I can trust. My mom used to do it for teachers in Mansfield when we were young. She watched like 3 or 4 kids during the day. I remember it well. Speaking of my mom, she actually volunteered to watch the baby but she would have to watch a few kids at a time in order to make as much money as she is making now at her job. So if you know anyone who is looking for childcare, my mom might be interested. Most of my friends are stay at home moms or use a family member who doesn't work.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sorry it's been so long. Between packing and moving and unpacking into our new house it's been crazy! Next Wedesday when we get internet I will post belly pics, house pics and more!

Friday, April 10, 2009

First Bump Pics

11 weeks!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's been a while

For some reason I get in these moods where I think I will never be able to eat my favorite foods again if I don't sneak them now while I'm pregnant and have an excuse. Here are the bad foods I have bought as a treat since I've been pregnant....

1. Without Icing I might point out....

2. Reminds me of elementary school.

3. There Whole Grain Ok! And we use sugar free syrup! That counts for something!

4. The new Whole Grain kind makes me feel so much better!!

5. Reminds me of college. I could eat these every day.

I don't eat these every day and I only have bought them once or twice since I've been pregnant. I've only gained 3lbs so far so hopefully my cravings for junk will go away and I'll crave lettuce, carrots, broccoli and string cheese....ya right.....

On another note, the house plans are coming along smoothly . We are still trying to decide whether to do a 15 or 30 yr mortgage. We are really trying to go with the 15 yr since that's what Dave Ramsey suggests (New York Times Best Financial Adviser/Author who also happens to be a Christian).

Here are some things I cannot wait to do in my new house!!!

1. Take a bath in a huge tub.

FYI: If I have a boy I want him to be as cute and mischievous as Calvin.

2. Hanging out in the backyard with the dog and the baby....I hope our yard is that nice looking.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Turning 26/BIg Appointment

Well, I turned 26 this weekend. There has been so much going on lately that I almost forgot about my birthday. House stuff, baby stuff... I went out to eat like 3 or 4 times over the weekend with different family and friends. It was so fun. I find myself now saying that I can eat whatever I want because of the baby and so far I have only gained 3 lbs since I got pregnant. I don't know how cause I have been eating really bad and hardly cooking at all. When I eat I usually can't fit as much in at a time so I end up finishing the rest later. I guess thats good, eating more often and not as much at one time.

Today we had our 8 week sonogram. Matt and I were both so nervous all day at work. We couldn't concentrate at all. We got there and they took us right back for the sono. The minute I saw the little flutter of the heartbeat I breathed a sigh of relief. Then she turned it on audio so I could hear it and it was beating so fast! Just what I wanted to hear!!!!! Yea! 174 bpm! Perfect! She said the baby was looking great. We are so thankful!!! On April 17th I go in for my 12 week check-up which is the big one!!!  Four more weeks and I'm out of the woods! Yea!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, we found a house and put down an offer and then they countered and now we are countering back!! Either way I think we will get this one! It is the cutest little house with great personality and a nursery already beautifully painted for a boy. I didn't care before but now I hope that I have a boy just so that I can leave the paint..hehe. The house itself is red brick which I love and the kitchen opens up into the living which was the big seller for me. The big selling point for Matt was the huge backyard, perfect for Maverick to run and play and great for cookouts. I will post all the pictures that has up and hopefully I can take a picture of the nursery sometime and post it too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 Month Update

 Pregnancy Ticker

Yesterday I got up and pee'd 3 times during the night. I was not fun. Even though I don't have a big belly yet, I just can't seem to get comfortable anymore while I sleep. Lately I've been getting grossed out by random foods. Like last night I made this beautiful bacon/spinach quiche and we had it for dinner. Matt loved it and had two pieces. Today at work when I went to have lunch, I was getting ready to chow down on the quiche when I suddenly couldn't the smell of the bacon and wanted to puke. So I quickly closed the lid and went down to the hospital cafeteria and got myself a meatball sub and a root beer (the only beverage that doesn't have caffeine that I like). It was wonderfully delicious! Now I have this whole dish of quiche at home the Matt will have to eat by himself.

We are going to look at more houses on Friday. I hope we can find one we like that is in our price range. There is one I really like in Mansfield; here are the sellers pictures of the house...

Large Living Room

Kitchen that opens to the living with high ceilings and wood floors! Love it. Did I mention it's 4 bedrooms??

I broke down and bought a belly-band today. I can't button up my jeans anymore and so I've been trying to walk around with them totally unbuttoned and unzipped all the way. That doesn't work cause they start falling down and then people are always telling you that your fly is open and I'm like "I know! I did it on purpose." It feels so much better to have the band on. Besides, I don't want to squish the little person that's living in there. hehehe. I feel like I shouldn't have a bump yet but I can't help it! It feels like I just ate a whole pizza all by myself, all the time. I can't suck it in anymore and thats how I know its not me getting fatter....its not the baby's my uterus (thats the size of a grapefruit now...) pushing all my intestinse upwards.

One more thing...Twilight comes out on DVD this Friday night at midnight! WooHoo! I'm so excited! There are a ton of deleted scenes and extra behind the scenes footages that I really want to see!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

7 weeks

Well, now our baby is the size of a raspberry. BUT don't let that fool you. My uterus is the size of a grapefruit and I am definately bloated because of it. I found some super comfy black stretchy maternity pants at Target that I want. The don't look maternity so I might get them.

Also, we put an offer on a house that we found in Mansfield. Its too big for us now but it was such a good deal we know we will grown into it. It's 3 bedroom, 3 bath with a large playroom upstairs that could also double for another large bedroom. I really like it but if God chooses not to allow our offer to be accepted its no big deal. If God doesn't want us to have it then I don't want it.

I am still having morning sickness but a lot of people have given me ideas on how to decrease it so I'm trying those.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Half-way done with the 1st Trimester

Sorry it's taken me so long to update yall. Right when I hit 6 weeks the morning sickness began and Ive been in bed all weekend hating life. I haven't thrown up yet but to be at work with all the smells that hospitals bring is not fun.

The ultrasound on Thursday went both good and bad. Dr Westerholm determinded I was exactly 6 weeks and 1 day which changes my due date to October 28th. That means we did get pregnant on Matts birthday, Jan 24th.! hahah! (happy birthday babe!). Let me give yall a quick fetal anatomy lesson. In the 5 week the babies heart starts to form and beat. It is almost unheard of to be able to actually see the heartbeat so soon but we saw and heard it immediantly without any problem! She said it really depends on the size of the patient and the position of the baby and where it is in the uterus and everything worked in my favor!

There was one thing that concerned her though, the babies heart beat was 98 and she wanted it to be a lot in the 120's. She said it did concern her a little but that since we were doing such an early ultrasound, the heart rate will probably even out when the heart forms completely and is stronger which is at 8 weeks. I was thinking that the heart JUST formed and we need to give it another week or two before we get concerned but she seemed slightly worred about it which made me burst into tears, of course, all those hormones. She wanted me to come back in at 8 weeks for another ultrasound to make sure the heart rate was at a safe rate.

So your prayers for the babies heart beat would be great! I go back in March 25th.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello 1st Trimester

No, its not April Fools...I'm really pregnant. Crazy I know. Its funny to me how many times over the 3 years we've been married that Matt and I have joked about having a baby and how freaked out we would be if that ever happened... and THEN IT HAPPENS and we're totally joyful and calm from the moment we set our eyes on two pink lines! God is so good. We just stood there shocked and then a little smile crept up on Matts face and he said "MY BOYS CAN SWIM, WOOHOO!". I think I was born to be a mom but I always thought we'd go through the "trying" process first.

This is how it all went down....
Last Friday at about 1am I get up out of bed unable to sleep and Matt says, " Im not going to be able to sleep tonight until you take that test..." Well, I wasn't able to sleep either so we got up and flipped on all the lights and turned on the TV (Maverick was wondering what the heck was going !). I went in the bathroom, read the entire paragraph on "how to pee on this stick" and then took a deep breath and did it precisly as the instructions said. Well, the test instructions said to wait for 3 min. and then look at the result. Well, the second I was done peeing on it I could see two lines coming up. I thought to myself, wow that was a lot faster then they said it would take...maybe somethings wrong with this stick. I went out into the living room. Matt asked how long we needed to wait and I said "well, we could wait 3 min or I could just tell you now it already says I'm pregnant". He kinda just looked at me and then we both looked at the test, it now being 3 min, and sure enough BOTH lines were bright pink. I retook two more tests just to make sure and both of the did the same thing.....we both just gave a random little laugh and looked at each other and smiled. I think I said " Hmmm, this could be interesting".

Luckly I work at a hospital because the second I got to work on Friday morning I called my OBGYNs office (thats located at my hospital!) and asked if I could get a bHCG drawn real quick to check if I'm pregnant. Surprisingly they said sure and let me come right in, get my blood drawn and then leave. I waited about 45 min and then looked myself up on the hospital computer system and sure enough it read....

Patient- Katie Muguerza
Pregnancy Test- POSITIVE
beta HCG Level- 3,418

Now, a normal newly pregnant woman bHCG (pregnancy hormone) level is anywhere from 50-500 at around 3-4 weeks along ( stats are from my "What to expect..." book) . Mine was 3,418!!!!! What the heck! How could I have not noticed that I was pregnant for so long! Well, Im assuming I'm around 1 month and 1 day pregnant but because we wern't trying so I didn't really record my periods. I have my first appointment tomorrow at 9 am and will let yall know what due date we come up with!!

PS- I know no one likes to talk about the dreaded "M" word but it is so prevalent now days and I need to be realistic. Since no one has anyone control on the situation but God, when you think of me could you just shoot up a little prayer for our little one!! Thanks!

*We told our parents on Friday night by giving them a little baby sock and by Saturday night we had this.... I have to say I've never seen grown adults scream so much.... :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


God certainly has a funny since of humor! When we say "we're waiting 5 years", God say's "how bout 3 instead?" We are so excited!!! If you are reading this that means you are one of the first to know my secret because I decided not to post it on Facebook or My Space until I'm a little farther along or at least have been to the doctor, so please keep the news quiet cause I like to tell people myself, it's more fun that way! Thanks you guys! I love yall!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Time Home Buyer Prayer

Dear Lord, 
     Please give us patients as we consider looking for a house soon. I pray Matt and I make wise decisions for our future and our future children as we might be in this house for a while. Please show us through really obvious signs if we should NOT get one house but SHOULD definitely get another one because we, as children of God, tend to miss your subtle hints. Please help us to pray consistently about this new big decision. I also pray you would work everything out perfectly since our apt lease is up in May! Please bless us even though we sure as heck don't deserve it. You have blessed us beyond belief. We praise you! 

K   (as HGTV would put it....the Property Virgin)

ps- Help me not to get my heart set on anything right away. I pray that you will bring an amazing house that is perfect for us and drop it right in our lap!! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Shower

Everyone has their thing that helps them relax after a long day at work. I love taking a long steaming hot shower. So you can imagine how utterly disappointed I was ( after driving home from Dallas in 28 degree icy weather and after doing 2 transplants), when I turned the shower on and got in only to be standing under COLD water! I had the guts to wait just a little longer thinking it would get warmer. But did it??? NOPE! So I jumped out, almost literally, still freezing cold, and dirty no doubt. Now this happens all the time if I do laundry beforehand or ran the dishwasher. But I had been gone all day! It didn't make sense. Then it hit me! I had hand washed some dishes from dinner before I got in the shower! The water was so hot I almost burnt my hand! Just that short amount of time washing dishes used up all the hot water! Our hot water heater is half the size of a normal one size of a normal home water heater. Just one more reason why I REALLY want a house!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Beginnings

Our good friends Erik and Kama just found out last week that they are having a GIRL!!! Her name is going to be Paxton! So cute. They found out during the day and after work a lot of us went over to their house to watch the sonogram video. I made them promise to not say what it was until I got to see the sonogram so I could try and guess if it was a boy or a girl. I looked and looked for a little peepee and couldn't see one!!! 

I went to Target on my way to their house and bought a cute little onsie and a hat in both blue and pink since I didn't know what they were having. It was so fun looking at all the newborn clothes! Then I gave them the pink hat after they told me it was a girl. Now I have a blue onsie and hat that are so cute! I was going to return it but...for some reason I kind of want to keep it just incase I have a boy. It's weird to hold the hat in my hand and think it could possibly be on my future sons head someday. Thats really crazy to think about! 

~New House~
In an earlier post I mentioned that we went house shopping with some friends who were trying to move out of our apartments that we all live in and into a house. We looked at about 5 different houses and the last one they/we loved! They put an offer on it and it was accepted!!!! How exciting! The picture on Remax only shows the outside but the inside is the best part!! When we go over there again I will take pictures and post them. I am so excited for them and can't wait for the time when Matt and I get to purchase our first house!!