Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busy Busy!!

Sorry for such a long gap in my postings. It's partly because its been really busy and partly because I don't think anyone reads this anyway so I don't remember to update it. I'll try to remember what happened since October and and threw the end of November......

Matt graduated from Flight School! He has been looking for a job for about a month now. Please continue to pray for him to get a job. The economy is not the best right now and so it's affecting the job market for commercial pilots.

A family of pilots! Uncle Bill, Aunt Patsy, Grandpa and now MATT!!!

We have a new addition to our family!! Introducing Maverick!!! We rescued him from a dog shelter in Ft Worth. He's a Golden Retriever mixed with a German Shepard. SOOOO cute!!! He is loving his new home. We spoil him a little cause he's so cute and were not sure how well he was taken care of before he came to the shelter. He was 3 months when we got him.

He loves to explore!

Brandon and Lauren's Wedding ! Starting November we started to prepare for Brandon and Lauren's wedding. Showers, Bachlorette parties, and wedding preparation.

Kama is 9 weeks in this picture!!

Lauren's Bridals

Wedding Prep

Courtney got up at 5am to do everyone's hair in the wedding party. Everyone loved their hair and make-up! Especially Lauren. She looked gorgeous! The extensions were amazing!

The Wedding!!!!!

Kama is 11 weeks here! Yea!

The movie Twilight came out!!! I have read through the 4 book series twice now and loved them all. The movie was great! I got a lot of friends from Young Life together to go see the opening showing at midnight !! We got there 4 hrs early and were still not the first in line! The box office said it beat out James Bond and topped the movie charts at 70.6 million the first 3 days! WOW! I saw it twice. Can't wait for the next one!

We got our tickets 2 weeks in advance, just before they sold out!!!

Yes, I have a shirt.

Lauren, Victoria and Jessica waiting in line with me to see the movie!

Even though we are voting for different guys in the book we can still be friends!

Young Life is going great! Matt and I's 3rd semester is almost done and we still love it. It's such a great ministry to do as a couple.

All the leaders minus Brandi and Lauren. We have a great group this year.