Friday, August 31, 2007

Chopped it Off

So I completely cut off all my hair. I have done this many times in my life when one night I just get tired of my long hair and chop it all off without giving it a second thought! I am so lucky to have a sister who has her own business. It's amazing I can show her a pic and it come out exactly like I wanted! She just opened up a new shop in Mansfield near the football stadium so if anyone is looking for someone fun and friendly to cut hair let me know on my facebook/myspace account! Here are some pics! It's takes me about 30 min to take a shower, blow dry AND style my hair. I love it! Thanks Court!

The BEFORE pic. Way long!

It's getting shorter and shorter!

Just like the picture!

I feel so light!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Lee had her baby! Rhett was born after 24 hrs of being in Labor. BUT Lee had an epidural so she said it wasn't bad. He is so cute.

Giving In

So today I really didn't want to work out after work. I was way tired and my sunburn would have made it painful. So I mentioned to Matt " I know were trying to be good, but I REALLY don't want to workout today". Do you know what he said? He goes " Ok, lets go on a date instead" We are horrible motivational partners when it comes to working out! If I don't want to work out he says "ok... neither do I! " How funny are we. We aren't going to become healthy very quickly if we end up giving each other what we want. On the other hand, I was very excited about our date. Matt is so thoughtful!