Saturday, May 23, 2009

Belly Update

I'm just about 18 weeks. We find out on Friday what the sex is. We are sooooo excited and can't wait to name the baby and register!! I am convinced it's a boy...for some reason. Kama is due the 2nd week in June so she's about 37 weeks here. We have the same doctor so we see each other at appointments. So much fun!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Super Saturday

Well, today is the first Saturday in a long time that I have been able to sleep in till 11:00!! It was great! I took a belly pic right when I got up. Don't you think it's weird that my belly looks a lot smaller then a few days before?? (see previous post). I heard your belly can do that throughout the pregnancy for a different reasons.

Tonight Matt and I will get to hang out together in our home without anyone else for the first time! It is going to be so nice. Our schedules are so busy and we have opposite work schedules half of the week so either he is here and I'm at work or Im here without him or we are both gone doing something together. I can't wait to sit and enjoy our home together!!!

So I just found out there is a Twilight Convention here in Dallas this summer!

Welcome to TwiCon 2009’s official website! We are thrilled to announce that on July 30-August 2, 2009 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel we will host the largest conference in the United States inspired by Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight saga.

TOO BAD IT'S $225 to attend!!!! Forget that!

I have to say I take credit for about 6 co-workers who are now major Twilight fans at my work. They didn't even know what it was and I got them hooked!!!!! One of them even hates to read and she is now on the 4th book and will probably be done with the book by Monday. You're Welcome Stephanie Meyer!!!

Mav is having a great time in the back yard. He is already starting to make friends with the dogs on all three sides of our yard. I even caught him digging under to fence so he could become "better friends" with the dog next door. I quickly put a stop that that with some bricks!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well Hello Strangers!!!

So this is me at about 4 months (15.5 weeks).

We are all moved in and are loving our home!!! Maverick is loving it too! The yard and garage are great!!!



I have a new favorite Photographer !!! Check out this awesome web site just for new babies/families!!

She comes to the hospital when you are in labor and takes sentimental pictures of all the family waiting and the first moments you have with your baby before all the family come in and after the family come in. The pics are so sweet and unforgettable! Check her out!!

The second trimester is better then the first, mostly because I am starting to actually feel pregnant and not just fat. I just went and spent a lot of money at motherhood maternity because none of my clothes would fit anymore. It's weird to have a full closet of clothes you can't wear...and very depressing too.

Lately I've been thinking about what our baby is going to look like. I have no idea who he/she is going to favor more. I can't wait for 3 more weeks till we get to find out if it's a he or a she! We have definite names for both. I can't wait to share them with everyone!! Some people have told me to wait and not find out what the sex is but I don't really want to wait. I want to plan and decorate and I DON"T like the colors yellow and green which is what I would be getting if I go "unisex" for all my shower clothes and bedding... There is no way we are waiting....I love surprises but I figured we've been surprised enough lately I would like to plan our first child as much as possible.

We have been really praying about what to do as far as childcare when the baby comes. I am planning on taking off all of November and December but going back to work in January. Of course I would love to work only one or two days a week and be at home with the baby the rest but that's just not feasible right now in our lives. So if you know anyone who keeps kids out of their home or anyone who wants to watch a newborn full time (8am-4pm) let me know!! I am anti-daycare and would really like my baby to grow up being taught by a christian woman/mom who I can trust. My mom used to do it for teachers in Mansfield when we were young. She watched like 3 or 4 kids during the day. I remember it well. Speaking of my mom, she actually volunteered to watch the baby but she would have to watch a few kids at a time in order to make as much money as she is making now at her job. So if you know anyone who is looking for childcare, my mom might be interested. Most of my friends are stay at home moms or use a family member who doesn't work.