Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments

So this is what I did this weekend...

~I watched 5 disc's of Grey's Anatomy (actually I cried a lot...season 3 is very sad!)

~I watched 2 disc's of The Office (hilarious...I cried with this show too but because it was so funny)

~I went grocery shopping with Matt (I like to drag him along occasionally just so he remembers what a pain it is to go grocery shopping )

~I cooked one meal on Saturday (lemon chicken with capers and pasta) and one on Sunday (pancakes for breakfast)

Thats all I did all weekend. How lazy am I ? It felt really good though. Of course, this is the last week I will have Matt at home to do stuff around the house for me. Next Monday he begins pilot training school and will be swamped for many months.

This will be Matt in October!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Almost House/Kitchen Table

Well, a few weeks ago Matt and I came REALLY close to buying our first home. We got approved and everything and were about to make an offer. Then, we felt uneasy about it for a couple reasons and decided it was God saying wait. We were disappointed but relieved at the same time that we made a wise decision. (I am especially proud of myself because I have been wanting a house for a long long time!!!) I wanted to post some pictures of the house cause we loved it so much. I know there will be other houses. I feel the Lord will bless us if we wait a year longer and then look seriously again. We were going to be buying the house on just my salary since Matt will be starting flight school in 2 weeks but didn't want to risk it on one salary. The house was in Mansfield right next to a cute little elementary school and right next to our home church! It was perfect!! Nevertheless, thank you Lord for being ever-present in our daily lives and guiding us in such a big decision!

Since we decided to wait on a house I thought Matt and I deserved to have a kitchen table for the first time since we have been married almost 2.5 yrs without one. Can you believe we have eaten dinner on the couch using our coffee table for that long!? As of this weekend we finally own an actual table! WooHoo! We had a great 3 course dinner with Brandon and Lauren the night we got it. We started out with 4 chairs but plan on buying more. The table is supposed to seat 8 but we might just get 6 chairs. It's a little higher then a normal table but not exactly bar stool height. I am so excited. It only took Brandon and Matt like an hour and a half to put together all 4 chairs and the table. Great job guys!

My mother in law got me a Hobby Lobby gift card and so I spent it on a big new mirror for our blank wall! It adds a lot. By the way I can't tell you how much I love Hobby Lobby. I don't think I've ever bought anything for full price. Every week a different part of the store is 50% off! Sooo cool!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Office

Our new favorite show is The Office. The humor is just our style...dry and sarcastic! It's great. After watching a couple seasons, I realized how boring it would be to sit at a desk all day starring at the person in cubicle across from you. I would totally find ways to brighten up my day, like Jim does, pulling pranks and playing tricks on my co-workers.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are you trying yet?

So today I went for my yearly womens doctor appointment. My doctor asked me if my husband and I were planning on trying to have a baby anytime soon. We joke about not really feeling ready all the time but since this is my "baby fever" week, I hesitated and then replied that maybe next time I come in we'll talk more seriously about it. She said that sounded good and moved onto other subjects.

I thought it would be funny to tell my doctor what my dad said a few weeks ago. My dad told me last week " Don't wait too long to have kids honey. You don't want to be an old mom. You want to be able to keep up with your kids. " I thought that was so funny especially since I JUST turned 25 a few weeks ago. Last month my mom said something along the lines of " Your getting kind of up there honey, the longer you wait to have kids the more problems you will have getting pregnant...." . My response... "What!! Mom, I'm 25, I think I still have some eggs left in the basket. If I'm 35 and still have no kids then we'll talk. Sheesh!! " I preceded to explain that from what I remember from school, age 35 is considered advanced maternal age when you might start to have problems and when the risks go up. I have 10 yrs, so there.... On the other hand, how great would it to have a baby!!??? I can't wait!! (How bipolar am I about this subject?? Hilarious!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm 25.

I forgot I had a Birthday recently and forgot to post pictures. 25 is a pretty big birthday but I surprisingly didn't do anything really big. Sometimes I prefer that though. Birthday's don't need to be HUGE every year. When your a kid, yes, they should be big every year. I had a great birthday. I split up and had birthdays with each group at a different time.

#1 Party- Girls Day Out
On my actual birthday I got together and had brunch at La Madelines with all the girls in my family (grandma, cousins, sister, mom, mom in law, sis in law etc). We had a great time. The food was delicious. Afterwards we went to Sam Moons for a day of shopping! So much fun! Here is a pic.

That was the most delicious brunch.

My mom had just taken a bite of her brown sugar and rum crepe (sp). Yum!

#2 Party- Extended Family/Easter Sunday
On Easter Sunday when the extended family got together, my mom made me a strawberry cake with delicious fresh strawberries to celebrate my birthday. Can you tell she's a practical joker? or at least she tries to be....

Um, no mom, I'm not 52. I believe thats you.

I fixed it.

#3 Party - The Friends
We went out to Roadhouse with some of our best friends, Brandon and Lauren. The other 3 couples we hang out with on a usual basis were out of town. It stinks having a birthday over a holiday! Little did I know that Roadhouse makes you sit on a saddle in the middle of the restaurant while they sing to you. I would have picked a different restaurant....

I know it looks like I was having fun but lets just say I'm a good actress. FYI: That shirt definately makes me look maternity. I'm never wearing that again....

They bought me my first cake decorating book with utensils! One of my new hobbies.

Dillon/Barnard Wedding

I HAD to post a pic or two of Shane Barnard and Bethany Dillon's Wedding. They are two of my favorite christian music artist and they had the most awesome photographer. They got married on the 29th of March. I found these pictures on Since I love photography so much I thought I'd share it with yall.

Here is the actual link you can cut and paste and see all the pictures yourself. Actually if you go the the very bottom of that page, you can click on the tab "more weddings" and it will take you to a slide show of more of their wedding pictures with one of Bethany's songs playing on the slide show. Really cool.

Here are my two fav's:

Their pictures make me want to get married again! To the same person of course. It was so much fun getting dressed up and feeling like celebs for a day! It's sad that I will never be that dressed up again.

Newborn Baby's!!

Ok so two of my friends had their baby's in the past 24 hours. Every time this happens I want one. Like I always say, tomorrow I'll get over it (it's not time yet for us) but for today, I can't stay off the pottery barn baby web site looking at ideas for nursery's and baby names. How hilarious am I? I know, pathetic is more like it. These are my two favorite...

Love love love pink and chocolate.

Another favorite of mine would be to do pink and lime green! Don' t you just love the polka dots!

Light blue and Chocolate is so cute. My absolute favorite part of the room is the picture collage above the crib. Could you just die!!!! I am SOOOOOO doing that.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lazy Bums

When I ask Matt to watch a movie (which is usually everyday after work), what I really mean is I want to snuggle with him on the couch and take a nap while a movie is on. It's like the ultimate relaxing thing for us to do in the afternoons. I am taking into consideration that in just a few years, our lives will be crazy with another human to take care of (wow!) and so I am trying to really enjoy this time in our lives when it's just us. We are busy three nights of the week with Young Life stuff but the rest of the nights we usually have friends over for dinner, go out to dinner or just hang out and do whatever we want (like surf the internet for hours or organize my sock drawer). I know, years from now, it will be hard to remember what we did with all the extra time we used to have.

I am thankful to be with a man that is so low maintence and independent. He doesn't expect me to cook dinner every night even though I usually want to. Also, today I had this horrble headache at work. I called Matt on the way home just to complain a little and to tell him I was going to be taking a nap when I got home. Well, the second I walk in the door Matt has the couch all ready for me with pillows and blankets along with some aspirin and a bottle of water! Then he said he ordered Jason's Deli for dinner! How amazing is he!? I love him! See how spoiled I am?