Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Mavrick

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Fly Boy

I got home at a reasonable hour yesterday and could finally start packing! Last week I had 4 liver transplants in a row and practicly lived at the hospital for a couple days. It is nice to not be on call this week. After work yesterday I was packing up some of our living room decorations when Matt called. He told me he was about to fly and they were planning on going south today instead of north so I might be able to see him flying around Arlington. He said he would be in a white plane with blue wings and he wouldn't be flying that high so I should be able to see him. He said the letters "ATP" would be on the outside of the plane. Well, for about half an hour I kept looking outside and walking around trying to see him. I was disippointed that I couldn't see him. I decided to run to the grocery store and get dinner started. Well, I was in the parking lot walking into the grocery store right off cooper in Arlington and I looked up and saw him!!! A white plane with blue wings. Of course, with my poor vision I could not see the "ATP" on the outside of the plane but I knew it was his. He said he was the only one that was up flying right now from his school. How exciting is that!! I've actually seen Matt flying a plane!!! In a short time (two weeks or so) Matt will start flying the plane ALONE!!! NO instructor or anything. They obvously won't always have an instructor there with them and want them to get used to being alone! That is scary...but exciting!!

Matt is really loving flying. I am so excited for him.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ticket/New Apartment/ Flying

A year and a half ago I received my very first speeding ticket. I was coming home from a 11 hour transplant and I knew I was speeding and I didn't care cause I was so tired! Anyway, Dallas courts are so messed up and bogged down that, after almost a year and a half , was able to take care of my ticket today! I took a day off work and everything so I could go sit in a court room. Well, God is good. Not only did I not die while trying to get to the court house (driving is Dallas is a fear of mine...all those one way streets) but found out after a while of sitting around in silence, that the officer never showed and so everyones cases were thrown out and we didn't have to pay anything!!! Horray! That just saved me $250!!! I thought for a second about not telling Matt and using the extra money to go shopping...but then I realized married people shouldn't keep secrets or lie to each other, so I decided not to hahah!

So Matt and I are moving apartments! Yea! We have been in this one for a year we moved from our other one because Matt's truck was stolen twice within a few months at our other apartment. While our reason for leaving this apartment is not as drastic, our current apartment is 25 yrs old and falling apart. The kitchen cabinets are really old and the bathroom is leaking, our bathroom door fell off it's hinges, and when I blow-dry my hair the lights go out ! These are all things that we could live with since we will probably be in a house in a year but frankly, I just don't want to. We found some really nice brand new apartments in Mansfield that aren't even open yet. We went with some good friends of ours to look at them and they ended up getting an apartment there too. We will be neighbors!!! What I'm most excited about is that you are allowed to paint your walls!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have already started to look for paint colors! I am so excited. Here is a picture of one of the kitchens at the apartments. This is one of the bigger floor plans. Our kitchen will probably be half this size...

We have a dark red couch so I was thinking doing our living room wall color like a dark color. Here is a picture to try and describe what I'm thinking...

Today Matt is going up in an airplane for the first time. Well, he's been in a plane plenty of times before as a passenger..... I'm talking about his first time to be the one FLYING the plane!!! Of course he isn't by himself since he just started school but still. I was driving and saw two different planes that are the exact kinds that he flies. I think he might have been in one of them!!! How cool is that!

This is for you Babe!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Flying High

Today is Matt's first day of flight school training. He will be in class from 8-5+ every day (including weekends!!!) till Sept or Oct. The flight school is right off I-20. We are only about 10 minutes from it and he can go home for lunch! I am really excited and I know he is too. He is going to do great. He has the smarts to be a pilot. I can't wait till he gets in a plane to fly for the first time!! His training lasts until the beginning of October. After that he will be able to look for a job. I have tried to help him study but I have no idea what they are talking about in his books, so I am going to do what any wife should do, commit my husband to prayer daily. I plan to pray that he stays safe while flying and that he gets a job soon after he is done in October. Pilots are needed but finding a job is not always easy. Thank you Lord for your provision on our life!