Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Fly Boy

I got home at a reasonable hour yesterday and could finally start packing! Last week I had 4 liver transplants in a row and practicly lived at the hospital for a couple days. It is nice to not be on call this week. After work yesterday I was packing up some of our living room decorations when Matt called. He told me he was about to fly and they were planning on going south today instead of north so I might be able to see him flying around Arlington. He said he would be in a white plane with blue wings and he wouldn't be flying that high so I should be able to see him. He said the letters "ATP" would be on the outside of the plane. Well, for about half an hour I kept looking outside and walking around trying to see him. I was disippointed that I couldn't see him. I decided to run to the grocery store and get dinner started. Well, I was in the parking lot walking into the grocery store right off cooper in Arlington and I looked up and saw him!!! A white plane with blue wings. Of course, with my poor vision I could not see the "ATP" on the outside of the plane but I knew it was his. He said he was the only one that was up flying right now from his school. How exciting is that!! I've actually seen Matt flying a plane!!! In a short time (two weeks or so) Matt will start flying the plane ALONE!!! NO instructor or anything. They obvously won't always have an instructor there with them and want them to get used to being alone! That is scary...but exciting!!

Matt is really loving flying. I am so excited for him.

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Mr. and Mrs. B said...

How fun to get to see your husband doing what he loves. I love to watch Billy coach. It brings out a totally different side in him. How are you doing? Still enjoying work? Have you guys gotten moved yet? Hope all is well. Have a great week.