Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Fun Pictures

When we first moved in to our apartment we had some of our friends over to swim and hang out. I took random pics while playing games.

Brandon Lauren Matt and I took a little road trip to the lake house last weekend. Here are a few pics.

Finally on our way. We kept forgetting things and then we had to pee and then we were hungry. It took us forever to get on the road.

Yes Brandon was driving 60mph while smiling for the camera.

So pretty and peaceful! This is about a minute before it started to pour down rain!!

Pouring down rain!!!! Of course Matt and Brandon are swimming in the lake during the thunderstorm. Too spooky for me.

There is a new water park in Mansfield. My family went on Sunday after church and had a great time! It's a smaller version of Hurricane Harbor in N. Arlington. I snapped some pics while we were there. Too bad Matt couldn't come. He was flying.

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