Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Fever

So I now officially have baby fever. So much in fact that I told Matt today that whenever he's ready....I'm ready. Well, he is definitely not ready to actively start trying but he did say he wouldn't be freaked out if we got pregnant now like we both would have been if it would have happened right after we got married. Now that we've been married almost 3 yrs, it has creeped inside my head more often. We still haven't traveled to the places we wanted to and we still haven't bought a house yet and we would like to do that first. I have to say within the next two years I think we might consider it. Especally since 1 of our close friends just announced she took 11 pregnancy tests and 6 came back positive. Also, my cousin who is a couple years older, just announced she is also pregnant! So we might get to practice the whole baby thing on someone else pretty soon! Matt really wants to hold a baby and get a better feel of it. After that I think I will really be able to tell when he will be ready. I really feel like I was made to be a mom, not a nurse, a mom, first and foremost. I love my job but I really feel like being a mom is so much more important and priceless. I might never quit my job all together but I feel like I won't want to work full time. We will see!! Who knows! This is such a random subject I have gotten off on!!!! Thanks for letting me get it all out!!!!

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