Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random Happenings

Young Life girls trip to Starbucks.

Carly being the best YL Leader ever. What a trooper!

Flu shot day at work and since everyone is either a nurse or a doctor, we got to give each other shots! It was fun! Aneil wanted to get back at Dr. Gulden for his crappy day so he volunteered to give him his shot. Brave soul.

Kathleen actually let Aneil give her her shot. Another brave soul, considering OR nurses don't ever give medications PO or any other route. So the last time Aneil has probably given a shot was in nursing school!! Haha! Same goes for me....

The Sara's... One is with an "H" and the other is not. Get it right or you will be in trouble.

Dr Harrison aka "Skip" just haning out at the front desk waiting for the surgeon to arrive. We do a lot of waiting in the OR.

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