Monday, April 6, 2009

It's been a while

For some reason I get in these moods where I think I will never be able to eat my favorite foods again if I don't sneak them now while I'm pregnant and have an excuse. Here are the bad foods I have bought as a treat since I've been pregnant....

1. Without Icing I might point out....

2. Reminds me of elementary school.

3. There Whole Grain Ok! And we use sugar free syrup! That counts for something!

4. The new Whole Grain kind makes me feel so much better!!

5. Reminds me of college. I could eat these every day.

I don't eat these every day and I only have bought them once or twice since I've been pregnant. I've only gained 3lbs so far so hopefully my cravings for junk will go away and I'll crave lettuce, carrots, broccoli and string cheese....ya right.....

On another note, the house plans are coming along smoothly . We are still trying to decide whether to do a 15 or 30 yr mortgage. We are really trying to go with the 15 yr since that's what Dave Ramsey suggests (New York Times Best Financial Adviser/Author who also happens to be a Christian).

Here are some things I cannot wait to do in my new house!!!

1. Take a bath in a huge tub.

FYI: If I have a boy I want him to be as cute and mischievous as Calvin.

2. Hanging out in the backyard with the dog and the baby....I hope our yard is that nice looking.

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