Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Were having a girl!!! Addison Riley!!! Everything changes once you know what the gender is. It makes it so real. It's no longer this unknown thing growing inside you, its a real baby with a name. It's not "the baby" it's " Addison is kicking me!" I keep trying to figure out what she's gonna look like. Will she have dimples like her daddy?? ( I would LOVE that!!) Will she have snow white skin like me (please no) or year- around naturally tan skin like Matt? I am now officially excited about her getting here and wish October would come sooner.

We went and registered this weekend at Baby's R Us and Target. Neither of us found any bedding we really like so I have been looking on the internet for other options that are more classic and less "themed". Of course I find multiple nursery's that I love but for some reason I have expensive taste because they are all over $250.00! Take
a look at my favorites!

(All in pink and chocolate)


Brittney said...

oh congratulations Katie - a little girl would be so fun!!! :) You're going to be a great mom! :)

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