Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breech at 35 weeks

At my 31 week appointment Dr Westerholm did an U/S and found the Addison was in the breech position. She said it was no big deal cause they usually turn on their own and right now, have enough room to do it at such an early stage in the third trimester. Well, now I'm 35 weeks and Addison is still breech. I can feel her head above my belly button but I also have a ultrasound friend at work who offered to look for me one day when we didn't have anything to do. Sure enough, Addy's head was high in my abdomen. So, my next appt is this Thursday and I obviously have a lot of questions for them about what will go on in the next could weeks.

Some people say "some babies flip at the last minute". Others say "it's unlikely she will flip cause she gains weight on a daily basis and she has less and less room to move around". So which is it people????? In two weeks we have our big 4D Ultrasound where they will guess on exactly how much she weighs and see her position. That will determine a lot concerning when she might come and when Dr. Westerholm might want actually schedule a c-section for safety reasons. I will let yall know!

Either way I just want Addy to get here safely. I'm not petrified of a c-section like some people are. There are pros and cons to both vaginal delivery's and c-sections.

Keep us in your prayers!!

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