Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flipping and Sorts

Addison flipped!! She is no longer breech! I have no idea when. She has been moving a lot lately so I guessed she just slowly wiggled her way upside down! My ultrasound friend at work took an ultrasound before I went to my appt today. I expected to see Addison's head under my ribs like it was last week but nope!!! To my surprise (and to the surprise of the ultrasound tech) she did a complete 180!!! Thank you Lord!

I bought some special detergent to wash Addison's new clothes in called Dreft. I'm glad some friends told me I needed to wash her clothes in special detergent because I had already washed everything in my usual Tide. The things you learn!!! Too bad we don't have anywhere to put the clean clothes! We still need a dresser and a crib, basically all our furniture. Also, we need a stroller and car seat. Basically the most important things to have when you have a baby haha. We have a ton of clothes and bath stuff though. Enough baby shampoo to last an entire year! I am so thankful for all the stuff we have gotten so far and how generous friends and family have been! Whatever we don't get at the shower we will buy ourselves and I will be so glad to finally have our nursery done!!! We are cutting it kind of close since I'll be considered "ok for take-off" the week after next at 37 weeks.

Matt and I have been trying out a new church lately. I have been going to the same church for 23 years so it seems really weird to be going to a different church for about a month now. We just tried out our first small group bible study with a few other couples this week from the new church. It was fun. The people are more our age and are in more of our same stage of life as Matt and I. Most of our friends at my old church were friends of my parents whom I've grown up with (in their 40 and 50's). It's nice to hang out with people at church that are your age and are just starting to grow their family. I think fellowship with people your age is very important. I know my parents miss seeing me every Sunday but they understand which is great.


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