Saturday, June 23, 2007

Out with the Old and on with the New

So I think everyone knows the story of us having to move apartments due to theft of Matt's truck twice in a row. Well, it has turned out the be a huge blessing. I can't believe God knows about everything that goes on in our lives before us! He knew we didn't like being so far away from our friends and family. He knew we would eventually move a lot closer to everyone and a lot closer to every restaurant and shopping center we could ever want to go to ! That's cool to know God always turns bad things that happen to us into blessings in disguise.

I think I have finally started to feel at home in our new apartment. We have been here 2 1/2 weeks or so. I do miss our other apartment (especially the spacious kitchen) mostly because it was our very first home as a married couple. I still remember coming home from our honeymoon! We couldn't believe we had our very own place to live....together! We were so tired but we had a entire room FULL of gifts we couldn't wait to open! So we stayed up till 2am opening gifts. We have a ton of great memories in the apartment and it makes me sad to leave it just for that reason.

Pics from our 1st Apartment:

Move-in Day! A week before the wedding (January 2nd 2006). Notice that picture 0n the wall? As the guys are moving in, I start decorating.

The day after we got back from our honeymoon!

Just to let you know...our bedspread from Target turns everything it touches red! Especially white sheets! Found that out the hard way, now we have pink sheets! Bummer!

This was the first placement of the couch. I moved it quite often.

We are right above the garage.

Moving day.... (sad but exciting)

New Apartment Pics:

Although this apartment may look a little smaller it's actually bigger (an extra bedroom) then our other one. I think having lower ceilings makes it feels smaller.

These flowers are the colors I love! They are sorta my color scheme for my Apt/future home.

We now have a second room so we made it into a study! This is my desk.

And this is Matts Desk:

This is our "catch all" room at the moment. We actually have a dining room now but no dining table and chairs to put in it. That's our next purchase. We put the bookshelf there along with a table we barrowed from my mom.

I think it's kinda weird that I have a pic of myself hanging on my wall but Matt wanted it up.

This is a picture of our BLANK wedding matte that I purchased to have everyone sign at the wedding. Too bad it got left in my closet on the day of the what am I supposed to do with it? It's pretty so I hung it. Oh well.

Our very first big purchase as a married couple. A washer and dryer!

This is a view into our tiny kitchen from the front door. The kitchen is my most difficult room to deal with. It is so small with hardly any counter space. The color of the cabinets is killing me. I just want to go buy some paint and paint them! This just allows me to really appreciate our first home. It's gonna have a HUGE kitchen with plenty of space.

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Mr. and Mrs. B said...

Yeah!!! Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one with a myspace, facebook and now a blog. I started ours for the same reason you did yours. Glad that you are adjusting to your new apt. well. I understand about the kitchen. The house I used to live in before we got married had a tiny kitchen with no space at all and the kitchen I have now is better, but I agree that our first house must have a big kitchen with LOTS of space! I am going to be down around fourth of july and I think that we may try to get everyone together in Belton/Temple one night just to hang out. I'll let you know more once I get it all figured out.