Monday, October 12, 2009

37 Weeks and 5 Days

Dr. Westerholm had such great things to tell me today! She said Addison looks perfect and weighs about 7 lbs 2 oz right now. She said she is guessing she will weigh around 8 lb around the time she is born if she is born closer to my actual due date. I weighed 7 lbs 10 oz so we might be around the same weight!!

She also told me that I'm already dilated 1-2 cm and almost completely effacted!! (75%). Addison's head is at a -2 station which is why I have really been able to feel her so low in my pelvis and on my bladder!!! I am so ready and excited! She said my water could break anytime and that I am farther along then some people who are having contractions and at their due date! Crazy!

FYI: Station = how far the head has descended into the pelvis
Effacement= how thin the cervix is getting (0% to 100%)
Dilation 1-10 cm

-2 (this is me right now!)
0 (engagement)
+4 (head is crowning)

I am so glad everything looks normal and that hopefully her birthday is just around the corner! NEXT week is my LAST week of work and I am soooo glad for that. I am going to try and keep walking around and stay active so I dilate some more. My next appt is on Monday! Can't wait! Thank you Lord for a healthy pregnancy and a cute baby (as far as I know from the 3D Ultrasound,,,hehe)


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