Wednesday, November 7, 2007

$ 737,000

So today during surgery I heard on the radio that Britney Spears earns $ 737,000 monthly. Everyone in the room was talking about what they would do with that kind of money. One doc said he would buy an island in the Bahamas, another doc said he already had one (what!!) so he would buy a castle in Europe or something. I was just thinking what I would do with that much money.

This is what I would seriously do if I got $ 737,000 for some strange reason...
1) I would buy a nice, well-made house big enough to have plenty of family over for holidays and big enough for my children to have their own room, probably with a gigantic kitchen (with a island) a pool and a movie/media room for Matt to watch Lord of the Rings.

2) I would buy my parents and my mother-in-law each a comfortable house as well. (but across town...mama didn't raise no fool)

3) I would give at least $50,000 to my church and I would send my wonderful, humble pastor and his wife on a fantastic vacation where ever they want to go to say thank you for being such a great pastor for 23+ yrs.

4. Matt would definitely invest some money into some stock or something that I know nothing about.

5. Matt and I would go on a big group vacation and pay all our friends way to go (first class) to Europe or something.

After that, I got nothin'.

Side Note:
Even though I can think of all these great things I would want, I would NEVER want to be so filthy rich. Don't get me wrong, it definitely helps when you make a good living but geez. Look at those peoples lives, how unhappy and never satisfied they are. I have really worked on trying to be content with what I have! I would LOVE to be in a house right now, but God has provided a great apartment in a nice location and two new cars that are reliable...I really have nothing to wine about and am learning to be thankful always.

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Robyn said...

Hi ya

My "buy out figure" is about $A900,000 total - not per month but in total. That would pay for the rest of my mortgage, a new car for each family member (as long as we decided not to but a Mercedes each) and a holiday. After that the money I earn would be enough for me to do what I want to do from then on. I have never wanted when BIG!