Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekend Rush

So weekends are supposed to be our break from a busy week. Well, we Americans cram all we can into Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday! Then we need a break from the weekend but instead we start everything over again on Monday. This weekend is our womens retreat at church. I'm excited but sometimes I need to just sit and do nothing all weekend. It's tonight and all day on Saturday. I have a ton of laundry and need to wash my car and do some Christmas list making. Oh well. It will have to wait. The weeks go by so fast now. Before I know it, its gonna be mid-November. Crazy. And I think my life is busy....I don't even have kids yet.

My weekend schedule: Friday 5-10 Women Retreat
Saturday 10-5 Womens Retreat
5-10 Make Dinner, laundry, prepare Sunday school lesson,
start scrapbooking christmas gift for mom, spend quality time with Hubby
Sunday 9-12:30 Church
12:30-2 Fellowship over lunch with friends
4:00 -6 Family get-together
6-10 Young Life Planning Meeting/Cowboy game

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