Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello 1st Trimester

No, its not April Fools...I'm really pregnant. Crazy I know. Its funny to me how many times over the 3 years we've been married that Matt and I have joked about having a baby and how freaked out we would be if that ever happened... and THEN IT HAPPENS and we're totally joyful and calm from the moment we set our eyes on two pink lines! God is so good. We just stood there shocked and then a little smile crept up on Matts face and he said "MY BOYS CAN SWIM, WOOHOO!". I think I was born to be a mom but I always thought we'd go through the "trying" process first.

This is how it all went down....
Last Friday at about 1am I get up out of bed unable to sleep and Matt says, " Im not going to be able to sleep tonight until you take that test..." Well, I wasn't able to sleep either so we got up and flipped on all the lights and turned on the TV (Maverick was wondering what the heck was going on...lol !). I went in the bathroom, read the entire paragraph on "how to pee on this stick" and then took a deep breath and did it precisly as the instructions said. Well, the test instructions said to wait for 3 min. and then look at the result. Well, the second I was done peeing on it I could see two lines coming up. I thought to myself, wow that was a lot faster then they said it would take...maybe somethings wrong with this stick. I went out into the living room. Matt asked how long we needed to wait and I said "well, we could wait 3 min or I could just tell you now it already says I'm pregnant". He kinda just looked at me and then we both looked at the test, it now being 3 min, and sure enough BOTH lines were bright pink. I retook two more tests just to make sure and both of the did the same thing.....we both just gave a random little laugh and looked at each other and smiled. I think I said " Hmmm, this could be interesting".

Luckly I work at a hospital because the second I got to work on Friday morning I called my OBGYNs office (thats located at my hospital!) and asked if I could get a bHCG drawn real quick to check if I'm pregnant. Surprisingly they said sure and let me come right in, get my blood drawn and then leave. I waited about 45 min and then looked myself up on the hospital computer system and sure enough it read....

Patient- Katie Muguerza
Pregnancy Test- POSITIVE
beta HCG Level- 3,418

Now, a normal newly pregnant woman bHCG (pregnancy hormone) level is anywhere from 50-500 at around 3-4 weeks along ( stats are from my "What to expect..." book) . Mine was 3,418!!!!! What the heck! How could I have not noticed that I was pregnant for so long! Well, Im assuming I'm around 1 month and 1 day pregnant but because we wern't trying so I didn't really record my periods. I have my first appointment tomorrow at 9 am and will let yall know what due date we come up with!!

PS- I know no one likes to talk about the dreaded "M" word but it is so prevalent now days and I need to be realistic. Since no one has anyone control on the situation but God, when you think of me could you just shoot up a little prayer for our little one!! Thanks!

*We told our parents on Friday night by giving them a little baby sock and by Saturday night we had this.... I have to say I've never seen grown adults scream so much.... :)


Jennifer said...

Oh Katie!! What a wonderful story of how it all went down! I was nearly crying as I was reading it because I am crazy excited for you guys! God has a funny sense of humor doesn't He. He just has to remind in sweet small ways, such as a little baby, that He is in control and has great plans for our lives!

I would have LOVED to have seen your parents reaction to the news. I bet they were crazy and jumping around everywhere. Enjoy this beautiful time of excitement. I'm praying for you and your little peanut already. Love you girl! :)

April said...

I hope Matt is going with you to this appt, b/c I think your babe has a heartbeat! I could be wrong but I think there is a good chance you'll see or hear a heartbeat tomorrow! Unless it is twins... wow... this is incredible!

Nana09 said...

Hey Little Momma!
Where was Matt's book and the little monkey bib? They didn't make the picture.....so sad!!

Carly said...

I'm so excited for baby Muguerza! :)