Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 Month Update

 Pregnancy Ticker

Yesterday I got up and pee'd 3 times during the night. I was not fun. Even though I don't have a big belly yet, I just can't seem to get comfortable anymore while I sleep. Lately I've been getting grossed out by random foods. Like last night I made this beautiful bacon/spinach quiche and we had it for dinner. Matt loved it and had two pieces. Today at work when I went to have lunch, I was getting ready to chow down on the quiche when I suddenly couldn't the smell of the bacon and wanted to puke. So I quickly closed the lid and went down to the hospital cafeteria and got myself a meatball sub and a root beer (the only beverage that doesn't have caffeine that I like). It was wonderfully delicious! Now I have this whole dish of quiche at home the Matt will have to eat by himself.

We are going to look at more houses on Friday. I hope we can find one we like that is in our price range. There is one I really like in Mansfield; here are the sellers pictures of the house...

Large Living Room

Kitchen that opens to the living with high ceilings and wood floors! Love it. Did I mention it's 4 bedrooms??

I broke down and bought a belly-band today. I can't button up my jeans anymore and so I've been trying to walk around with them totally unbuttoned and unzipped all the way. That doesn't work cause they start falling down and then people are always telling you that your fly is open and I'm like "I know! I did it on purpose." It feels so much better to have the band on. Besides, I don't want to squish the little person that's living in there. hehehe. I feel like I shouldn't have a bump yet but I can't help it! It feels like I just ate a whole pizza all by myself, all the time. I can't suck it in anymore and thats how I know its not me getting fatter....its not the baby's my uterus (thats the size of a grapefruit now...) pushing all my intestinse upwards.

One more thing...Twilight comes out on DVD this Friday night at midnight! WooHoo! I'm so excited! There are a ton of deleted scenes and extra behind the scenes footages that I really want to see!


Jennifer said...

The belly band is awesome! It's great for when you can still fit into your regular jeans... but then your butt grows and you have to go get maternity jeans. And they are comfy when you feel like a whale!

I hope you and Matt are able to find a house soon that you like and in your price range.

I'm so glad you haven't been real sick. Hopefully you just have the nausea and food aversions. There are still things I cannot cook because I made them when I was pregnant and I was horribly disgusted by them. Like chicken spaghetti, I used to love it! Now I can't even think about it and I start to relive the nausea feeling I had when I was pregnant. I know, it's so weird...but weird things happen when you're pregnant.

Tamara said...

Katie - what is your bump name? I hope things are good.