Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, we found a house and put down an offer and then they countered and now we are countering back!! Either way I think we will get this one! It is the cutest little house with great personality and a nursery already beautifully painted for a boy. I didn't care before but now I hope that I have a boy just so that I can leave the paint..hehe. The house itself is red brick which I love and the kitchen opens up into the living which was the big seller for me. The big selling point for Matt was the huge backyard, perfect for Maverick to run and play and great for cookouts. I will post all the pictures that has up and hopefully I can take a picture of the nursery sometime and post it too.

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Jennifer said...

What a cute house!! I hope you guys are able to get it. It looks really nice and perfect for you guys. Hope it all works out!