Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cold Shower

Everyone has their thing that helps them relax after a long day at work. I love taking a long steaming hot shower. So you can imagine how utterly disappointed I was ( after driving home from Dallas in 28 degree icy weather and after doing 2 transplants), when I turned the shower on and got in only to be standing under COLD water! I had the guts to wait just a little longer thinking it would get warmer. But did it??? NOPE! So I jumped out, almost literally, still freezing cold, and dirty no doubt. Now this happens all the time if I do laundry beforehand or ran the dishwasher. But I had been gone all day! It didn't make sense. Then it hit me! I had hand washed some dishes from dinner before I got in the shower! The water was so hot I almost burnt my hand! Just that short amount of time washing dishes used up all the hot water! Our hot water heater is half the size of a normal one size of a normal home water heater. Just one more reason why I REALLY want a house!

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