Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Organization 101

Lately, Matt and I have been in a major "spring cleaning" mood.  After seeing that home in my previous post, we did some major cleaning and organizing of our apartment. I am kicking myself now for not taking "before" pictures but just imagine the average closet in an apartment with very little storage space.... crowded and unorganized. I discovered one of my favorite store's-THE CONTAINER STORE!!! It is definitely expensive but after I went and collected a few things my closet and pantry were transformed! Here are a few pictures of what it looks like now. I feel so much better about my apartment, which is good since we will probably be here for another year. 

Laundry room with cute green baskets I got for 4.99 at Walmart. 

These luggage looking boxes were kind of expensive but perfect for storing all of our ugly books and computer stuff. The container store is so creative. 

Life with Maverick~
I know it's silly but having a puppy has really helped me get a little taste of what it might be like to have a child. Now that I have Maverick I no longer want to go anywhere after work, I feel an urgency to get home and be with him. Also, when Maverick hurt his hip a month ago and was limping really bad it freaked me out and we were a mess until we got him into the Vet the next morning. Especially when we didn't know if he was in pain all night. We even thought about giving him Tylenol...BUT thanks to google we found out it is fatal to dogs....good to know. Thank God he didn't break his leg, he just had a muscle/tissue injury. We have really enjoyed taking care of Maverick together, training him, feeding him, deciding who's turn it is to take him outside to go's good practice!! Also, the past few years Christmas has really been quiet and uneventful. It's was surprising how a puppy added so much joy to our Christmas! Watching him rip open his gifts and get all exited when he smelled his huge bone! I am so glad we got a dog. It's funny to think how it was such a random decision one weekend to look for a puppy. Thank you Lord for knowing our seemingly miniscule desires!

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April said...

wow Mav is getting big!! And btw, Container Store is AWESOME! I am on too tigt of a budget right now, but I have gotten a bunch of stuff there in the past and I LOVEZ it! You should go to Ikea sometime too, they have incredible organiztional stuff that looks the same for half the price. I wish there was an ikea in college station, I'd be sooo happy. Speaking of College Station, we're still waiting for you and Matt to come stay with us!! I guess if he's not working , you are, so it may not happen now... but if you get a chance, come stay!