Sunday, January 18, 2009

House Hunting

So some of our very good friends are currently house hunting and invited us to go with them to look at houses on Saturday. So, me being a huge fan of HGTV and always having a interest in other peoples decorating skills we joined them!! We went to this one house and it wanted to marry the woman who lived there!!!! ( Just kidding Matt) It was like walking into a hotel!!! Everything was perfectly color coordinated and in it's exact place. AND everything was labeled with a label maker!!!! I took a picture of their was amazing. I totally want to do this when we get a house! I have to admit it is a little OCD...ok it's a LOT OCD but I love it! Their closets were perfectly organized and this lady can decorate!!!! The house itself was too small for my liking but man, you didn't even notice the actual house underneath all that decor and organization! Take a look:

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Jennifer said...

you have got to be kidding me? is that house for real? is there someone out there who is THAT organized?!? No way!! I've never seen anything like it. Amazing! If you want your house like that and perfectly organized, you better start now...before kids come along. After a child arrives you're lucky to do laundry and go pee. ha ha!