Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Beginnings

Our good friends Erik and Kama just found out last week that they are having a GIRL!!! Her name is going to be Paxton! So cute. They found out during the day and after work a lot of us went over to their house to watch the sonogram video. I made them promise to not say what it was until I got to see the sonogram so I could try and guess if it was a boy or a girl. I looked and looked for a little peepee and couldn't see one!!! 

I went to Target on my way to their house and bought a cute little onsie and a hat in both blue and pink since I didn't know what they were having. It was so fun looking at all the newborn clothes! Then I gave them the pink hat after they told me it was a girl. Now I have a blue onsie and hat that are so cute! I was going to return it but...for some reason I kind of want to keep it just incase I have a boy. It's weird to hold the hat in my hand and think it could possibly be on my future sons head someday. Thats really crazy to think about! 

~New House~
In an earlier post I mentioned that we went house shopping with some friends who were trying to move out of our apartments that we all live in and into a house. We looked at about 5 different houses and the last one they/we loved! They put an offer on it and it was accepted!!!! How exciting! The picture on Remax only shows the outside but the inside is the best part!! When we go over there again I will take pictures and post them. I am so excited for them and can't wait for the time when Matt and I get to purchase our first house!!

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