Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are you trying yet?

So today I went for my yearly womens doctor appointment. My doctor asked me if my husband and I were planning on trying to have a baby anytime soon. We joke about not really feeling ready all the time but since this is my "baby fever" week, I hesitated and then replied that maybe next time I come in we'll talk more seriously about it. She said that sounded good and moved onto other subjects.

I thought it would be funny to tell my doctor what my dad said a few weeks ago. My dad told me last week " Don't wait too long to have kids honey. You don't want to be an old mom. You want to be able to keep up with your kids. " I thought that was so funny especially since I JUST turned 25 a few weeks ago. Last month my mom said something along the lines of " Your getting kind of up there honey, the longer you wait to have kids the more problems you will have getting pregnant...." . My response... "What!! Mom, I'm 25, I think I still have some eggs left in the basket. If I'm 35 and still have no kids then we'll talk. Sheesh!! " I preceded to explain that from what I remember from school, age 35 is considered advanced maternal age when you might start to have problems and when the risks go up. I have 10 yrs, so there.... On the other hand, how great would it to have a baby!!??? I can't wait!! (How bipolar am I about this subject?? Hilarious!)

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