Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Almost House/Kitchen Table

Well, a few weeks ago Matt and I came REALLY close to buying our first home. We got approved and everything and were about to make an offer. Then, we felt uneasy about it for a couple reasons and decided it was God saying wait. We were disappointed but relieved at the same time that we made a wise decision. (I am especially proud of myself because I have been wanting a house for a long long time!!!) I wanted to post some pictures of the house cause we loved it so much. I know there will be other houses. I feel the Lord will bless us if we wait a year longer and then look seriously again. We were going to be buying the house on just my salary since Matt will be starting flight school in 2 weeks but didn't want to risk it on one salary. The house was in Mansfield right next to a cute little elementary school and right next to our home church! It was perfect!! Nevertheless, thank you Lord for being ever-present in our daily lives and guiding us in such a big decision!

Since we decided to wait on a house I thought Matt and I deserved to have a kitchen table for the first time since we have been married almost 2.5 yrs without one. Can you believe we have eaten dinner on the couch using our coffee table for that long!? As of this weekend we finally own an actual table! WooHoo! We had a great 3 course dinner with Brandon and Lauren the night we got it. We started out with 4 chairs but plan on buying more. The table is supposed to seat 8 but we might just get 6 chairs. It's a little higher then a normal table but not exactly bar stool height. I am so excited. It only took Brandon and Matt like an hour and a half to put together all 4 chairs and the table. Great job guys!

My mother in law got me a Hobby Lobby gift card and so I spent it on a big new mirror for our blank wall! It adds a lot. By the way I can't tell you how much I love Hobby Lobby. I don't think I've ever bought anything for full price. Every week a different part of the store is 50% off! Sooo cool!!!

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