Monday, April 7, 2008

Lazy Bums

When I ask Matt to watch a movie (which is usually everyday after work), what I really mean is I want to snuggle with him on the couch and take a nap while a movie is on. It's like the ultimate relaxing thing for us to do in the afternoons. I am taking into consideration that in just a few years, our lives will be crazy with another human to take care of (wow!) and so I am trying to really enjoy this time in our lives when it's just us. We are busy three nights of the week with Young Life stuff but the rest of the nights we usually have friends over for dinner, go out to dinner or just hang out and do whatever we want (like surf the internet for hours or organize my sock drawer). I know, years from now, it will be hard to remember what we did with all the extra time we used to have.

I am thankful to be with a man that is so low maintence and independent. He doesn't expect me to cook dinner every night even though I usually want to. Also, today I had this horrble headache at work. I called Matt on the way home just to complain a little and to tell him I was going to be taking a nap when I got home. Well, the second I walk in the door Matt has the couch all ready for me with pillows and blankets along with some aspirin and a bottle of water! Then he said he ordered Jason's Deli for dinner! How amazing is he!? I love him! See how spoiled I am?

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