Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm 25.

I forgot I had a Birthday recently and forgot to post pictures. 25 is a pretty big birthday but I surprisingly didn't do anything really big. Sometimes I prefer that though. Birthday's don't need to be HUGE every year. When your a kid, yes, they should be big every year. I had a great birthday. I split up and had birthdays with each group at a different time.

#1 Party- Girls Day Out
On my actual birthday I got together and had brunch at La Madelines with all the girls in my family (grandma, cousins, sister, mom, mom in law, sis in law etc). We had a great time. The food was delicious. Afterwards we went to Sam Moons for a day of shopping! So much fun! Here is a pic.

That was the most delicious brunch.

My mom had just taken a bite of her brown sugar and rum crepe (sp). Yum!

#2 Party- Extended Family/Easter Sunday
On Easter Sunday when the extended family got together, my mom made me a strawberry cake with delicious fresh strawberries to celebrate my birthday. Can you tell she's a practical joker? or at least she tries to be....

Um, no mom, I'm not 52. I believe thats you.

I fixed it.

#3 Party - The Friends
We went out to Roadhouse with some of our best friends, Brandon and Lauren. The other 3 couples we hang out with on a usual basis were out of town. It stinks having a birthday over a holiday! Little did I know that Roadhouse makes you sit on a saddle in the middle of the restaurant while they sing to you. I would have picked a different restaurant....

I know it looks like I was having fun but lets just say I'm a good actress. FYI: That shirt definately makes me look maternity. I'm never wearing that again....

They bought me my first cake decorating book with utensils! One of my new hobbies.

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