Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Accomplishments

So this is what I did this weekend...

~I watched 5 disc's of Grey's Anatomy (actually I cried a lot...season 3 is very sad!)

~I watched 2 disc's of The Office (hilarious...I cried with this show too but because it was so funny)

~I went grocery shopping with Matt (I like to drag him along occasionally just so he remembers what a pain it is to go grocery shopping )

~I cooked one meal on Saturday (lemon chicken with capers and pasta) and one on Sunday (pancakes for breakfast)

Thats all I did all weekend. How lazy am I ? It felt really good though. Of course, this is the last week I will have Matt at home to do stuff around the house for me. Next Monday he begins pilot training school and will be swamped for many months.

This will be Matt in October!!!!!

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